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IJERPH 2021 Outstanding Reviewer Award

Winner announcement date (expired): 28 February 2022
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Dear Colleagues,

We are pleased to announce that the following referees (in alphabetical order by surname) have been selected to receive the “IJERPH 2021 Outstanding Reviewer Awards”. The Journal Editorial Board and Editorial Team would like to acknowledge the time and effort dedicated by reviewers to checking the manuscripts submitted to IJERPH. It is due to their efforts that the high quality of the journal and quick turnaround have been maintained.

The Outstanding Awards for Excellence in Manuscript Reviews
(CHF 500, an offer to publish a paper, free of charge, before the end of March 2023, and a certificate):

Dr. Anuli Njoku, USA

Dr. Katarzyna Tomaszek, Poland

Dr. Haruna Musa Moda, UK

Dr. Matteo Nioi, Italy

Dr. Jesús Molina-Mula, Spain

Dr. Pablo A. Cantero-Garlito, Spain

Dr. Katharina Diehl, Germany

Dr. Seoyong Kim, Korea

The Recognition Awards for Manuscript Reviews
(an offer to publish a paper, free of charge, before the end of March 2023, and a certificate):

Dr. Andrzej Adamski, Poland

Dr. Joana Costa, Portugal

Dr. Adrian Curto, Spain

Dr. Joanne Lloyd, UK

Prof. Dr. Arkaitz Castañeda Babarro, Spain

Prof. Dr. José Luis Romero-Bejar, Spain

Dr. Álvaro Francisco Lopes De Sousa, Portugal

Dr. Laura Nathans, USA

Dr. Agata Gabryelska, Poland

Dr. Mateusz Jankowski, Poland

Prof. Dr. Ana Reyes Menéndez, Spain

Dr. Matteo Riccò, Italy

Dr. Bartosz Dalewski, Poland

Prof. Dr. Nicola Döring, Germany

Dr. Chong Chen, Japan

Dr. Nora Suleiman-Martos, Spain

Dr. Carla Maria Batista Ferreira Pires, Portugal

Dr. Russell Kabir, UK

Dr. Claudia Pisanu, Italy

Prof. Dr. Roy McConkey, UK

Dr. Emmanuel Obeng-Gyasi, USA

Professor Sunhee Kim, Korea

Dr. Faisal F. Hakeem, UK

Dr. Sol García-Germán, Spain

Dr. Francisco Javier Fernández Carrasco, Spain

Dr. Sebastian Rutkowski, Poland

Prof. Dr. Haewon Byeon, Korea

Dr. Tamás Berki, Hungary

Dr. HuiJun Chih, Australia

Dr. Terence Moriarty, USA

Dr. Jerónimo Aragón Vela, Spain

Dr. Pedro Antonio Martín Cervantes, Spain

Kind Regards,
Prof. Dr. Paul B. Tchounwou, IJERPH

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