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Aging and Driving
(Editors: Catherine M. Roe, Ganesh M. Babulal, Sarah H. Stout)
Geriatric Neurology 31 Jan 2018 11
Aging and Driving: 2019
(Editors: Catherine M. Roe, Ganesh M. Babulal, Sarah H. Stout)
Geriatric Neurology 30 Sep 2019
Ageing, Nutrition and Physical Activity
(Editors: Phyo Myint, Maw Pin Tan)
Geriatric Nutrition 31 Oct 2019 3
The Rehabilitation and Management of Dysphagia
(Editor: David G. Smithard)
Geriatric Rheumatology 30 Nov 2019
Dysphagia in Older and Frail Adults
(Editor: David G. Smithard)
Geriatric Rehabilitation 31 Jul 2018 10
Orthopaedic Surgery and Rehabilitation in the Aging Population
(Editor: Eric L. Smith)
Geriatric Rehabilitation 31 Oct 2019
Ageing, A Multidisciplinary Perspective
(Editor: Patricia Schofield)
Healthy Aging 31 Aug 2018 7
Geriatric Care Models
(Editor: James S. Powers)
Healthy Aging 30 Jun 2018 17
Health Care and Successful Aging
(Editor: Roger Y. Wong)
Healthy Aging 31 Mar 2019 8
Longevity, Well-Being and Developmental and Dynamic Ageing: A Semantic Analysis
(Editors: Donatella Rita Petretto, Roberto Pili)
Healthy Aging 15 Dec 2018 5
Chronic Disease Self-Management in Older Adult Populations
(Editors: Emily J. Nicklett, Xiaoling Xiang)
30 Jun 2018 8
Cognitive Aging and Cognitive Impairment
(Editors: David Facal, José Mª Cancela Carral, Carlos Spuch)
30 Apr 2019 6
Delirium Syndromes – Management of the Various Phenomenologies of Delirium in Different Settings
(Editor: Christine Thomas)
30 Jun 2019
Depressive Disorder in the Elderly
(Editor: Robert C. Abrams)
31 Mar 2017 7
Frailty and Sarcopenia in Old Age
(Editor: Joseph S.K. Kwan)
30 Nov 2016 6
Geriatric Assessment: Multidimensional, Multidisciplinary and Comprehensive
(Editor: G. Darryl Wieland)
31 Aug 2019 6
Health and Disease in Frail Elderly: Assessment and Management in Clinical Practice
(Editors: Märta Sund Levander , Ewa Grodzinsky)
30 Apr 2019 1
Impaired Driving Skills in Older Adults
(Editor: Max Toepper)
15 May 2016 12
Medical Disorders and Cognition in the Elderly
(Editor: Joaquim Cerejeira)
30 Apr 2016 7
Oncology Care and Research in the Elderly
(Editor: Doris Y. P. Leung)
30 May 2018 7
Selected Papers from 1st International Electronic Conference on Geriatric Care Models
(Editors: James S. Powers, Kenneth J. Shay)
30 Jun 2019
Stroke in Ageing
(Editor: Phyo Myint)
30 Apr 2017 9
The 'Forgotten' Care Issues for Older People with Diabetes
(Editor: Trisha L. Dunning)
31 Jul 2019
The Challenges of Caring of Neurodegenerative Diseases
(Editor: Daniel Kam Yin CHAN)
30 Sep 2016 7
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