Sedimentology, Stratigraphy and Palaeontology

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This section of Geosciences aims to publish research papers that advance the knowledge of the sedimentary processes and the development of depositional systems at all temporal and spatial scales. It is also devoted to highlighting the influence of life on Earth’s history as documented in the stratigraphic record and welcomes high-impact, original research and review papers that cover all aspects of sedimentology, startigraphy, and palaeontology. This section is aimed at an international spectrum of geoscientists interested in a broad variety of topics, including but not limited to interpretation of ancient and modern depositional systems; depositional modeling; seismic and sequence stratigraphy; bio-stratigraphy; chemostratigraphy; sedimentary provenance; ichnology; palaeontology; taxonomy; taphonomy; palaeoenvironmental and palaeoclimate reconstruction; and bio-stratigraphy.

This section of Geosciences considers that integrated, interdisciplinary analysis is critical for the advancement of the subject area. Thus, research papers that combine information from a diverse range of disciplines are highly encouraged. The submitted papers are expected to link research with broader geological–geodynamic implications, rather than being principally descriptive and localized.

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