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1–15 December 2022 The 4th International Electronic Conference on Geoscience


IECG2022 offers you the opportunity to participate in an international scholarly conference without the concerns and expense of travelling—all you need is access to the internet, and there are no registration fees. During the conference period, you will be able to upload papers, posters, presentations (including videos) and comment on other presentations, and otherwise engage with fellow scholars in real time. In this way, the conference offers a novel opportunity to exchange opinions and views within the scholarly community and to discuss the papers and latest research in a discussion forum. This fourth edition will be organized, as follows, to allow focus on selected specific themes:

A. Natural Hazards;
B. Structural Geology and Tectonics;
C. Sedimentology and Stratigraphy;
D. Geomorphology;
E. Geological Engineering;
F. Mineralogy, Petrology & Volcanology;
G. Seismology;
H. Geoheritage;
I. Others

For information about the procedure for submission, peer review, revision, and acceptance of conference proceedings papers, please refer to the section “Instructions for Authors” at

We look forward to receiving your research papers and to welcoming you to this 4th edition of the e-conference.

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17–19 October 2022 The 16th International Congress of the Geological Society of Greece

Patras, Greece

The 16th International Congress of the Geological Society of Greece will take place at the University of Patras, Greece, from October 17–19, 2022. The Congress will be organized in a face-to-face setting, aiming to bring together academics, researchers, research students, and industry from around the world to share their knowledge, experience, and research results on all aspects of geosciences with prime focus on, but not limited to, the eastern Mediterranean area. We expect young researchers to meet with senior scientists in an effort to meet experience and expertise.

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