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Prof. Dr. Paolo Boncio
Department DiSPUTer, University "G. d'Annunzio" of Chieti - Pescara, Chieti, Italy
Interests: earthquake geology; seismotectonics; seismic hazard and seismic microzonation; fault displacement hazard analysis
Dr. Marco Bonini
Institute of Geosciences and Earth Resources, National Research Council of Italy (CNR), Piazzale Aldo Moro, 7, Rome, Italy
Interests: tectonics; structural geology fold; thrust belts continental rifting tectonic modelling mud volcanoes
Dr. Luigi Borrelli
Research Institute for Geo-Hydrological Protection (IRPI), Italian National Research Council (CNR), Rome, Italy
Interests: geology and applied geology; engineering geology; structural geology and tectonics; natural hazards; landslide analysis and monitoring; weathering of rocks
Prof. Dr. Michele Calvello
Department of Civil Engineering, University of Salerno, Italy
Interests: inverse analysis of geotechnical tests and boundary value problems; risk assessment of landslides at large and small scales; landslide modelling for slow-moving and fast-moving phenomena; early warning systems for rainfall-induced landslides; multivariate statistical analyses for landslide risk zoning; risk perception, risk education and community resilience; geo-engineering education
Dr. Fabio Vittorio De Blasio
University of Milano - Bicocca, Piazzale della Scienza 4, 20100, Milano, Italy
Interests: natural hazards; landslides and debris flows: from the field to physical understanding and numerical simulation; fluid dynamics applied to the Earth Sciences; planetary geology, especially Mars; physics of granular materials, rheology of earth materials; geomorphology; ecological and palaeoecological modelling of populations subject to changing climate; submarine landslides and tsunami generation; physical sedimentology; rock mechanics and rock fragmentation; physics of neutron stars; nuclear physics; mechanics of molluscs shell, especially ammonoids
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Filippo Santucci de Magistris
Department DiBT, Structural and Geotechnical Dynamics Lab. StreGa, University of Molise, Italy
Interests: stress-strain-time behaviour of soil: measurement and modeling; soil improvement by addition and compaction; behaviour and safety of earth dams; seismic zonation and vibration insulation; soil liquefaction; behaviour of geotechnical structures under seismic loading
Prof. Dr. Luuk Dorren
School of Agricultural, Forest and Food Sciences, Bern University of Applied Sciences - HAFL, Länggasse 85, 3052 Zollikofen, Switzerland
Interests: the net-benefit of nature-based solutions for reduction of risks related to rockfall; landslides and channel processes such as bank erosion; large wood; torrential floods and debris flows; advancing innovative practices in forest – natural hazard risk management, especially for the protection of critical infrastructure in the European Alps
Special Issues and Collections in MDPI journals:
Dr. Michalis Fragiadakis

Laboratory for Eartquake Engineering, National Technical University of Athens, Athens, Greece
Interests: structural reliability, risk and hazard assessment lifelines and infrastructure; finite element methods in structural analysis and design; earthquake engineering; structural design and assessment to the Eurocodes; smart materials; structural optimization and machine learning methods in structural engineering
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Stefano Furlani
Department of Mathematics and Geosciences, University of Trieste, Piazzale Europa, 1, 34127 Trieste TS, Italy
Interests: Coastal geomorphology; karst; sea level change;epistemology
Dr. Julian Garcia-Mayordomo
Geological Hazards Division, Geological Survey of Spain (IGME), Calera 1, Tres Cantos, Madrid-28760, Spain
Interests: seismic hazard; active faults; seismogenic source modelling; earthquake geology; paleoseismicity; quaternary geochronology
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