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14–17 October 2018 EMBO Workshop-From epigenome towards epitranscriptome in cell fate choice

Capri, Italy

This EMBO Workshop involves sessions dedicated to recent advances in the epigenomic and epitranscriptomic regulation of stem cell pluripotency and differentiation, organismal development, and how their alteration brings about human diseases. Particular emphasis on approaches enabling targeted manipulation of epigenetic marks, which are revolutionising the field, will be addressed. Topics to be covered include: 1. Dynamic DNA and RNA modifications: Writers, erasers, and readers. 2. Decoding the function of DNA and RNA modifications: Insights from epigenome editing and other approaches. 3. DNA and RNA Epigenetics in Stem Cell and Development. 4. Epigenomes and Epitranscriptomes: A gateway to understanding diseases.


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