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The aim of the Climate and Environment Section is to advance the state of knowledge and predictability of the multiscale interactions and feedback between the climate system, the natural environment, and human systems. Taking a holistic Earth systems science approach, the section publishes original articles, letters, reviews, and communications focused on observational, analytical, computational, and modeling methods addressing physical, chemical, and biological interactions among all components of the Earth system. Integrated Earth system studies are naturally transdisciplinary and employ a wide range of analytical and modeling methods, including traditional statistical techniques, large-scale data mining, process-based modeling, data assimilation, machine learning, and other artificial intelligence methods, hybrid process-based modeling or machine learning-based modeling, and other model-data integration approaches.


  • Earth system feedback;
  • Surface–atmosphere exchange;
  • Terrestrial and marine ecosystems;
  • Land use and land cover change;
  • Atmospheric chemistry and aerosols;
  • Regional climate;
  • Impacts of climate extremes and extreme events;
  • Urban climate;
  • Air pollution and air quality;
  • Water quality and quantity;
  • Global biogeochemical cycles;
  • Riverine and coastal systems;
  • Sea ice, land ice, and permafrost;
  • Human-built infrastructure;
  • Energy production systems;
  • Multiscale field experiments including manipulative experiments;
  • Satellite, airborne, and in situ remote sensing;
  • Model-data integration approaches;
  • Model evaluation and benchmarking;
  • Machine learning techniques

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