10th Anniversary of Climate

The year 2023 marks the 10th anniversary of Climate, an independent, international and multi-disciplinary open access journal focusing on the climate processes on Earth, covering all scales, and involving diverse modelling and observation methods. Climate has published more than 900 papers. More than 280 of these papers have received over 10 citations. We sincerely appreciate and value the contributions to this journal made by the authors, reviewers and academic editors. To celebrate Climate's 10th anniversary, we are arranging a series of special content and events. We hope you can join us in celebrating this milestone for our journal and that you enjoy the collection below.

Development and Achievements

View the 10-year timeline infographic here. Trace the development of Climate from its origins and learn about its milestone events.

Inaugural issue released. Climate was initially published as a quarterly journal.

Founding Editor-in-Chief: Prof. Dr. Nicole Mölders

Professor of Atmospheric Sciences in the Department of Atmospheric Sciences, University of Alaska Fairbanks, USA. She aims to contribute to improving numerical models in order to simulate the water, energy and trace gas cycles appropriately.

Climate was indexed in the Emerging Sources Citation Index (ESCI)—Web of Science (Clarivate Analytics).

Climate was indexed in Scopus.

Editor-in-Chief: Prof. Dr. Yang Zhang

Professor and Distinguished Fellow and Associate Chair for the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Northeastern University, USA. Dr. Zhang’s research focuses on the development, improvement, and evaluation of state-of-the-art numerical models for simulating human-induced air pollution and its impact on human health, climate, eco-environment, society, and the entire Earth system.

Climate’s CiteScore 2018 (Scopus) reaches 1.95, which equals rank 53/109 in the ‘Atmospheric Science’ category.

Editor-in-Chief: Prof. Dr. Gordon Huang

Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science, University of Regina, Canada. His research interests cover planning of energy and environmental systems, synchrotron-based environmental chemistry and biochemistry, climate modeling and downscaling, and simulation of hydrological and environmental systems.

Climate adopted a monthly publication schedule.

Climate’s CiteScore 2019 (Scopus) reaches 3.2, which equals rank 57/115 in the ‘Atmospheric Science’ category.

Editor-in-Chief: Dr. Steven McNulty

Director of USDA Southeast Regional Climate Hub, USA. His research interests cover adaptative management strategies for increasing ecosystem and working land resilience to climate change and variability.

Climate’s CiteScore 2020 (Scopus) reaches 3.9, which equals rank 55/124 in the ‘Atmospheric Science’ category.

The American Society of Adaptation Professionals (ASAP) was affiliated with Climate.

Climate’s CiteScore 2021 (Scopus) reaches 4.7, which equals rank 51/135 in the ‘Atmospheric Science’ category.

Editor-in-Chief: Dr. Timothy G. F. Kittel

Research ecologist and climate scientist with the Institute of Arctic and Alpine Research, University of Colorado, USA. His current research focuses are on approaches for handling climate change uncertainty in biodiversity conservation and on climate change in high mountain regions.

Celebration Activities


Visit our Twitter and use #Climate10th to share your story with Climate and @ us via "@climate_MDPI". We will select the most interesting story and grant an exclusive 50% discount on the APC to the winner. The contest deadline is 31 January 2024, and the winners will be announced by 15 February 2024.

Recruiting Editors for Climate

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of Climate, we are expanding our Editorial Board to gather experts in all areas of climatology. There are seven sections online in total (https://www.mdpi.com/journal/climate/sections). You can apply to the EBM role for one or more of these. We also welcome you to join us as an Editorial Board member, Topical Advisory Panel member or Guest Editor. If you are interested in the above editorship, please send your full academic CV and a short cover letter that details your interest and enthusiasm for the position to the Managing Editor, Ms. Marion Zhang ([email protected]).

Anniversary Special Issues

Climate: 10th Anniversary submission deadline 31 Dec 2023 | 3 articles | Viewed by 5255
Keywords: climate research at various spatial and temporal scales; interdisciplinary climate research; climate mitigation and adaptation

Collection of Excellent Works

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