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The Section “Metal Catalysis” aims to publish promising recent research and novel trends in the field of environmental remediation (pollution from gaseous pollutants and electromagnetic pollution generated by electronic devices), energy and fuels production, CO2 valorization, and sustainable chemistry.

This section covers the full range of metal catalysis, encompassing supported noble metals and transition metals dispersed on reducible oxides, perovskite-type oxides, polyoxometalates, MoS2-based materials, short carbon fibers (SCFs), carbon–nitride, metal–carbon–CNF, carbon nanoforms; organic–inorganic hybrids, organocatalysis and ionic liquids.

Original contributions addressing the synthesis and characterization, electronic structure, redox and acid-basic properties, morphology and those devoted to the in-depth understanding of the relationship between surface/bulk properties and catalytic performances/reaction mechanisms are welcome. Attention to metal–metal and metal–support interactions on the multifunctional materials involved, as well as simulation studies of materials, catalytic reactions and processes are highly recommended.

Contributions aiming to give insights and differences between heterogeneous thermal catalysis and photocatalytic processes are encouraged.

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