18 May 2018
European Network of BioAdhesion (ENBA) is Now an Affiliated Society Member of Biomimetics

In April 2018, the European Network of BioAdhesion (ENBA) chose Biomimetics as its publication partner and became an affiliated society member of the journal.

As part of this collaboration, all affiliated ENBA members benefit from a discount on the article processing charges (APC) for accepted articles in Biomimetics. The COST Action European Network BioAdhesion is a cooperation of all European academic and industrial researchers, interested in characterizing and addressing the phenomena of bioadhesion at all scales. Experts from various scientific fields and technical sectors aim to identify and characterize a wide range of bioadhesive systems, to evaluate bonding properties and performance from macro-down to nanoscale from different perspectives and to design artificial blueprints to test these principles in vitro.

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