Journal History

2013 The journal releases the inaugural issue and is published as a quarterly journal under the direction of the founding Editor-in-Chief, Prof. Dr. Kenneth Cornetta.
2015 Biomedicines establishes the following section:
Tumor Immunology and Immunotherapy (later was renamed as Immunology and Immunotherapy).
2016 Biomedicines is covered by Emerging Sources Citation Index (ESCI) of the Web of Science.
Biomedicines establishes the following section:
Neurologic Disease (later was renamed as Neurobiology and Neurologic Disease).
2017 Biomedicines is covered by two important databases: PubMed and Scopus.
Biomedicines starts the Travel Awards project.
2018 Biomedicines establishes the following section:
Natural compounds in Biomedicine (later was renamed as Drug Discovery and Development).
2019 Biomedicines is covered by the Science Citation Index Expanded (SCIE).
Biomedicines establishes the following 7 sections:
Cancer Therapeutics (later was renamed as Cancer Biology and Therapeutics)
Nanotechnology and Biotechnology (later was renamed as Biomedical Materials and Nanomedicine)
Therapeutic Strategies in Different Diseases (later was renamed as Molecular and Translational Medicine)
Gene and Cell Therapy
Thrombosis and Hemostasis (discontinued later)
Model Systems in Research and Development (discontinued later)
Virology, Vaccines and Viral Vectors (discontinued later)
Tumor Cell Biology (discontinued later).
2020 Biomedicines adopts a monthly publication schedule.
Biomedicines receives its first impact factor: 4.717. The journal ranks 30th out of 138 (Q1) titles in the 'Medicine, Research & Experimental' category, as well as 36th out of 270 (Q1) titles in 'Pharmacology & Pharmacy'.
Biomedicines publishes its 1,000th paper.
Biomedicines rearranges the sections as following:
Immunology and Immunotherapy
Neurobiology and Neurologic Disease
Drug Discovery and Development
Cancer Biology and Therapeutics
Gene and Cell Therapy
Molecular and Translational Medicine
Biomedical Materials and Nanomedicine.
2021 Biomedicines starts the Young Investigator Award project.
The 1st International Electronic Conference on Biomedicine, sponsored by Biomedicines, will be open in June 2021.


2013-2016 Founding Editor-in-Chief Prof. Dr. Kenneth Cornetta
2016- Editor-in-Chief Prof. Dr. Shaker A. Mousa
2016- Section Editor-in-Chief: Dr. Vincenzo Cerullo for Section “Tumor Immunology and Immunotherapy”
2016- Section Editor-in-Chief: Dr. Bruno Meloni for Section “Neurologic Disease”
2019- Section Editor-in-Chief: Prof. Dr. Jun Lu for Section “Drug Discovery and Development”
2019- Section Editor-in-Chief: Dr. Veronique Baud for Section “Cancer Therapeutics”
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