Agricultural Systems and Management

A section of Agriculture (ISSN 2077-0472).

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The Section “Agricultural Systems and Management” aims to publish high-quality scientific papers on any aspect of agricultural systems (e.g., component, input and output, and management of the agricultural systems) at the farm, landscape, or regional level. We encourage contributions that deal with interactions among agricultural system components and interactions between agricultural systems and other land use systems. We also encourage papers dealing with how management methods and socioeconomic aspects affect the sustainability of agricultural systems. Both original research articles and reviews are acceptable.

Topics covered by this Section include but are not limited to (i) functions and ecological mechanisms of the integrated farming systems; (ii) approaches to enhance ecological intensification for agricultural systems; (iii) effects of integrated management of pest control, tillage, fertilization, etc. at the farm, landscape, or regional level; (iv) eco-economic analysis and ecosystem service assessment of agricultural systems; (v) sustainability of organic agriculture; (vi) effects of natural and socioeconomic environments on the sustainability of agricultural systems.


intercropping systems; integrated crop–livestock production; integrated agriculture–aquaculture; agroforestry; organic agriculture; ecological intensification; eco-economic analysis

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