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Innovative Projects in the Industry 4.0 Sphere of Poltava State Agrarian University †

Industry 4.0 Implementation Center, Poltava State Agrarian University, Skovorody Str. 1/3, 36003 Poltava, Ukraine
Author to whom correspondence should be addressed.
Presented at the International Conference on Industry 4.0 for Agri-food Supply Chains: Addressing Socio-economic and Environmental Challenges in Ukraine, Leicester, UK and Online, 24–25 July 2023.
Eng. Proc. 2023, 40(1), 22;
Published: 24 July 2023
The activity of the “Industry 4.0 Implementation Center at PSAU” is aimed at the development and implementation of promising technologies, appropriate specialists training, implementation and management of informational and educational events, training management, and networking of enterprises: technology designers, production facilities, higher-education institutions, scientific institutions, state authorities, and civil groups. The latest projects that are being implemented are as follows:
Unified information platform for the management of material resources of territorial communities. This project is aimed at creating a unified digital information space using a cloud ERP for managing all processes and resources of territorial communities as non-industrial enterprises in the context of building a landscape of Industry 4.0 technologies. Domestic ERP Universal offers the advantage of being able to manage enterprises with different accounting schemes in one database, makes it possible to scale the system to most enterprises in the future, and uses a combination of artificial intelligence and Internet of Things technologies.
Segmentation of analog meter readings using neural networks. One of the constraints to the implementation of the concepts of Smart City, Industry 4.0, etc., is the need to integrate analog energy metering. Their replacement with digital devices is often not cost-effective. One option to overcome this barrier could be a combination of AI and IoT technologies. The project proposes options for solving the image segmentation problem of displaying digital indicators of analogue meters using neural networks.
Electrotechnical systems for bactericidal air disinfection. Air often becomes a source and transmitter of pathogenic microorganisms, infections, and viruses. Ultraviolet radiation in the range of 200 to 280 nm, depending on the dosage of exposure, inactivates all microorganisms. The development of electrotechnical systems for UV disinfection (ozone-free) will provide a comprehensive solution to the task of bactericidal air disinfection in various spheres of human activity.
Complex of shot blasting processing of metal products. In mechanical engineering, there is a tendency to replace expensive metals in the manufacture of large-sized products with more affordable carbon steels with corrosion-resistant non-metallic coatings on working surfaces. The strength of such coatings is ensured by the quality of the surface preparation achieved by shot blasting. A robotic complex of remote processing of metal surfaces of free forms with compliance with the specified parameters is offered.
Groundwater level monitoring automation. To control groundwater flooding, it is necessary to determine its cause system. This can be done by analyzing the groundwater table depth change. Conducting such research is a long and time-consuming process, so it is necessary to create an automated system for monitoring groundwater. The placement of sensors that will automatically provide data on the groundwater level rise or fall in large areas over periods of time will enable the identification of flooding causes and the development of effective control measures.

Author Contributions

Conceptualization, V.M., O.K. and Y.U.; methodology, O.K., O.G. and A.S.; software, Y.U., I.S. and O.K.; validation, O.K., I.S., S.B. and O.B.; formal analysis, O.K., Y.U., O.G. and A.S.; investigation, O.K., I.S., A.S., O.B. and S.B.; resources, O.K., Y.U., V.M.; data curation, O.K., A.S., O.G.; writing—original draft preparation, O.P., R.P., V.M.; writing—review and editing, V.M. and O.P.; supervision, V.M. and Y.U.; project administration, V.M. All authors have read and agreed to the published version of the manuscript.


This research received no external funding.

Institutional Review Board Statement

Not applicable.

Informed Consent Statement

Not applicable.

Data Availability Statement

Information on presented projects of the Industry 4.0 Implementation Center is also publicly available on the website (accessed on 1 June 2023), including in scientific publications.

Conflicts of Interest

The authors declare no conflict of interest.
Disclaimer/Publisher’s Note: The statements, opinions and data contained in all publications are solely those of the individual author(s) and contributor(s) and not of MDPI and/or the editor(s). MDPI and/or the editor(s) disclaim responsibility for any injury to people or property resulting from any ideas, methods, instructions or products referred to in the content.

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Muravlov, V.; Utkin, Y.; Sliusar, I.; Kopishynska, O.; Goryk, O.; Brykun, O.; Semenov, A.; Bida, S.; Petrash, O.; Petrash, R. Innovative Projects in the Industry 4.0 Sphere of Poltava State Agrarian University. Eng. Proc. 2023, 40, 22.

AMA Style

Muravlov V, Utkin Y, Sliusar I, Kopishynska O, Goryk O, Brykun O, Semenov A, Bida S, Petrash O, Petrash R. Innovative Projects in the Industry 4.0 Sphere of Poltava State Agrarian University. Engineering Proceedings. 2023; 40(1):22.

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Muravlov, Volodymyr, Yurii Utkin, Ihor Sliusar, Olena Kopishynska, Oleksii Goryk, Oleksandr Brykun, Anatolii Semenov, Serhii Bida, Oleksandr Petrash, and Ruslan Petrash. 2023. "Innovative Projects in the Industry 4.0 Sphere of Poltava State Agrarian University" Engineering Proceedings 40, no. 1: 22.

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