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Psychodermatology is a rapidly growing field. It combines dermatologic, psychiatric, and psychologic symptomatology. Skin diseases, due to their chronicity, visibility, and frequently occurring subjective symptoms, especially itch, predispose patients to develop secondary psychiatric disturbances, like depression and/or anxiety. This definitely influences coping strategies for dermatology patients. Many skin diseases are stress-induced ones, as psychological stress exacerbates skin conditions. Although skin disorders are mostly not life threatening, they heavily influence patients’ quality of life. All the domains, including physical, mental, and social functioning are affected. Moreover, patients with skin diseases present with increased level of stigmatization. One can also underline that dermatologists are quite frequently confronted with psychiatric disturbances with cutaneous manifestations or cutaneous imaginary symptoms. Within this group of so-called psychodermatoses, let us mention trichotillomania, onychotillomania, or delusional parasitosis. Another important, not enough deeply studied problem, are self-inflicted lesions in dermatology, previously called dermatitis artefacta. The aim of this Special Issue is to offer the platform for discussing all above mentioned problems within clinicians and basic science researches. We do hope that published papers will contribute to better the understanding of bilateral connections between skin and psyche and will be beneficial for a holistic approach to our patients.

Prof. Dr. Jacek C Szepietowski
Prof. Dr. Lucia Tomas-Aragones
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Prof. Dr. Jacek C Szepietowski
Topic Editor-in-Chief
Department of Dermatology, Venereology and Allergology, Wroclaw Medcial Unieversity, ul. T. Chałubińskiego 1, 50-367 Wroclaw, Poland
Interests: systemic itch; uremic pruritus; itch in dermatoses; skin and psyche
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Prof. Dr. Lucia Tomas-Aragones
Topic board member
Department of Psychology, Faculty of Education University of Zaragoza, Aragon Health Sciences Institute (IACS), 50009 Zaragoza, Spain
Interests: quality of life; psychodermatology; psychoeducation; health psychology
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