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School of Pharmacy, University of Camerino, Via Gentile III da Varano, Camerino, MC, Italy
Romania Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Medicine and Pharmacy "Grigore T. Popa"—Iași, 700115 Iasi, Romania

Personalized Drug Formulations

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31 October 2024
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31 January 2025
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Dear Colleagues,

Personalized medicine, also known as precision medicine, represents a flourishing field of research in the medical and pharmaceutical fields. It refers to the customization of medical treatments to the individual characteristics, needs, and preferences of each person and the choice of appropriate therapies for specific groups of patients affected by the same disease. This approach overcomes the concept of “one-size-fits-all” by proposing the administration of the “right drug” in its “right quantity” for the “right patient” at the “right time”. To achieve this goal, there is a need to develop novel medications tailored to the patient’s condition, which they can be termed as “personalized drug formulations”.

This topic covers any aspect related to the tailored drug therapy regarding formulations and dosage forms in a multidisciplinary context.

We are pleased to invite you to contribute to this topic, which aims to highlight the latest advances in personalized drug formulations, with particular emphasis on innovative approaches that address the current challenges in this research area. All manuscript submissions are welcome.

Dr. Diego Romano Perinelli
Dr. Florentina Lupascu
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  • drug delivery systems
  • tableting
  • 3D- and 4D-printing
  • electrospinning
  • compounding
  • controlled release
  • nanocarriers
  • targeting
  • smart formulation
  • innovative devices
  • pharmacogenomics
  • surface modification
  • functional polymers

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Journal of Personalized Medicine
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