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I have been publishing with MDPI journals since 2013. The editorial staff for all the journals I have published with are very polite, professional and helpful. I also review for [...] Read more.

MDPI is a highly reputable publisher. I like to read and reference MDPI articles. From my experience and what I hear from my colleagues, the review process, high speed of [...] Read more.

It was great to be a guest editor for the SI. I received excellent support from the SI Managing Editor and from the reviewers. Getting in touch with other researchers [...] Read more.

The work of the editors and reviewers was efficient and professional. It is the fastest process from submission to publication that I have ever experienced. [...] Read more.

Submitting a manuscript to Life is a real pleasure every step of the way. In particular, the speed of the editorial process and the politeness given to each email make [...] Read more.

"MDPI was a pleasure to work with; the reviewers were prompt and reasonable, with great communication from the editorial team. The whole process went smoothly from start to finish, really [...] Read more.

“The reviews of my manuscript were highly informed and constructive, and I was very pleased with the quality of the production for publication.” [...] Read more.

“The invitation to contribute to the special Life issue on ‘The Origins and Early Evolution of RNA’ came at a very opportune time for me. Recent results from my lab [...] Read more.

“I enjoyed the peer review process at Life. The review of our manuscript was fast and fair. I was impressed by the reviewer comments, which were constructive and helpful in [...] Read more.

“I very much am of the same opinion regarding the “prompt and positive peer review process” of the journal Life, as is reflected in most of the other comments here. [...] Read more.

“According to our experience the peer-review process was substantially fast yet reviewers’ comments were reasonable and helped to shape better the manuscript. The editorial staff provided us fair support, where [...] Read more.

“I was quite impressed by my interactions with Life on the special Archaea issue. The reviews were quick, fair and obviously from experts in the field whose input helped to [...] Read more.

“The peer review process was very fast. We were all positively surprised. We were very happy with the reviewers’ suggestions; they were clearly experts in the field, and helped us [...] Read more.

“The peer review process was of a very high quality and fast. It considerably improved our article. The reviewers were objective and raised very good criticisms. The Guest Editor was [...] Read more.

“This really was the peer-review all of us would like: fast, knowledgeable and fair. The review process improved the paper (which, sad to say, is not always the case). Another [...] Read more.

“For several decades (some) central dogma(s) dominated biology and life sciences that are falsified meanwhile, such as (i) DNA-RNA-Protein-anything else, (ii) one gene - one protein, (iii) non-coding DNA is [...] Read more.

“The peer-review process was exceedingly fast, the fastest I have ever experienced. All of my interactions with the editorial staff and guest editors were professional and highly satisfactory. The reviewers’ [...] Read more.

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