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Gender studies cover a wide range of areas, including gender and sexuality, the various feminisms, men and masculinities, and LGBT*QiA. Across all, there is a strong emphasis on interdisciplinarity and on the importance of making links and connections. Research activity encompasses the theoretical, the empirical, policy making, activism and combinations of all of these.  A key focus is on the operation of power relations and on how power differentials intersect in a variety of ways. This draws attention both to heterogeneity and to pervasive inequities, inequalities and forms of oppression.

On a political level, gender and gender issues are receiving considerable media attention. This gives further impetus to the need to examine, explore and interrogate current events and to develop arguments that are relevant, appreciate the complexities involved, and ultimately make a difference.

The rationale of this section is to encourage original research, theoretical analyses and critical and constructive debates. Much is happening politically, culturally and theoretically and we want to generate discussion and action at all levels and in all areas.


• Gender
• Feminisms
• Men and masculinities

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