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Advanced synchrotron radiation as a quantum tool for exploring deep life sciences
(Editor: Akinari Yokoya)
30 Sep 2019
Asia-Oceania Neutron and Advanced Photon Source for Industrial Applications
(Editors: Klaus-Dieter Liss, E-Wen Huang, Ko-Wei Lin)
28 Feb 2020
Ion Beams in Biology and Medicine
(Editor: Atushi Tanaka)
29 Mar 2019 6
Laser-driven Quantum Beams
(Editor: Paul Bolton)
18 May 2018 7
Magnetic Materials and Magnetism
(Editors: Robert Georgii, Klaus-Dieter Liss)
30 Jun 2018 6
Microstructural and Phase Transformations in Materials
(Editors: Rozaliya Barabash, Klaus-Dieter Liss)
31 Dec 2019
Quantum Beams Applying to Innovative Industrial Materials
(Editors: Masakazu Washio, Yasunari Maekawa)
30 Aug 2019
Strain, Stress and Texture Analysis with Quantum Beams
(Editors: Rozaliya Barabash, Pingguang Xu, Klaus-Dieter Liss)
31 Mar 2018 9
Surface analysis of materials with charged-particle beams
(Editors: Kouichi Hirata, Kazumasa Narumi)
31 Oct 2019
Synchrotron Imaging and Diffraction Characterization of Advanced Materials
(Editors: Kai Chen, Nobumichi Tamura)
31 Oct 2018 5
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