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Section Board for 'Membrane Analysis and Characterization' (10)

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Prof. Dr. Clàudia Fontàs
Section Editor-in-Chief
Departament de Química, Universitat de Girona, Campus Montilivi, 17003 Girona, Spain
Interests: separation processes based on functionalized membranes; supported liquid membranes; polymer inclusion membranes; membrane systems for the clean-up of natural waters and industrial wastewaters; physico-chemical and electrical characterization of membranes; environmental and industrial sampling and analysis
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Prof. Dr. Arcadio Sotto
Department of Science Education, Rey Juan Carlos University, Mostoles, 28933 Madrid, Spain
Interests: ion exchange membrane; filtration; electrodialysis; responsive membrane; fouling; wastewater treatment
Dr. Alberto Figoli
Institute on Membrane Technology, National esearch Council, ITM-CNR, via P. Bucci, 17/C, 87036 Rende (Cosenza), Italy
Interests: polymeric membranes; sustainable membrane preparation; bio-polymeric membranes; flat membranes; hollow-fibers; nano fibers; membrane preparation; membrane characterization; pervaporation; antifouling coatings; self-cleaning membranes; ultra-micro filtration
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Prof. Dr. Jiangnan Shen
College of Chemical Engineering, Zhejiang University of Technology, Hangzhou, China
Interests: electro-driven membrane; nanofiltration; membrane materials
Dr. Jaka Sunarso
Research Centre for Sustainable Technologies, Swinburne University of Technology, Jalan Simpang Tiga 93350, Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia
Interests: batteries; electromaterials; fuel cells; mixed ionic-electronic conducting ceramic-based membranes; molecular sieving membranes
Prof. Dr. Mihaela Delcea
Institute of Biochemistry, University of Greifswald, 17489 Greifswald, Germany
Interests: biological membranes; membrane biophysics; membrane proteins; liposomes; membrane-ligand interactions; cell membrane-nanoparticle interactions
Prof. Dr. José Ignacio Calvo
Department of Applied Physics, Universidad de Valladolid, Palencia, Spain
Interests: membranes and porous materials; membrane processes; fouling; characterization of membranes and porous materials
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Prof. Dr. John Pellegrino
Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Colorado-Boulder, Boulder, CO 80309, USA
Interests: characterization; graphene; fuel cells; crystallization; gas; MF; UF; NF; RO; process modeling
Dr. Daniel Johnson
NYUAD Water Research Center, New York University Abu Dhabi, P.O. Box 129188, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Interests: membrane separation; water and wastewater treatment; surface forces; biofouling; surface modification; atomic force microscopy
Prof. Dr. Mingxu You

Department of Chemistry, University of Massachusetts Amherst, Amherst, MA 01003, USA
Interests: nucleic acid chemistry and engineering; membrane dynamic interactions; lipid-protein interactions; mechanobiology; biosensing; fluorescence imaging
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