Difference and Differential Equations

A section of Mathematics (ISSN 2227-7390).

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Difference and Differential Equations is a section of the open access peer-reviewed journal Mathematics, which publishes high quality works on this subject and its applications in mathematics, computation, and engineering.

The primary aim of Difference and Differential Equations is the publication and dissemination of relevant mathematical works in this discipline.

Both Difference and Differential Equations represent fundamental subjects in mathematics. This section of Mathematics publishes original research papers, perspectives papers, and review papers on all aspects of this matter. Both qualitative and qualitative theories of ordinary and partial differential equations, along with the existence, multiplicity, and stability of difference equations coupled to dynamic systems are especially welcome.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to, boundary value problems on finite or infinite intervals, comparison results, asymptotic behavior of the solutions, linearization methods, spectral theory, non-local problems, inverse problems, delay equations, functional equations, stochastic differential equations, numerical approach, and chaotic behavior. The study of mathematical models applied to physics, economy, or medicine represents one of the main goals of the section. All papers are peer-reviewed.

Prof. Dr. Alberto Cabada
Section Editor-in-Chief


  • Ordinary differential equations
  • partial differential equations
  • difference equations
  • functional equations
  • stability
  • asymptotic behavior
  • maximum principles
  • mathematical modeling
  • existence
  • multiplicity
  • spectrum
  • homoclinic
  • heteroclinic
  • chaos

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