Radiolabeled Blood Elements and Other Imaging Modalities

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The aim of the new Radiolabeled Blood Elements and Other Imaging Modalities section is to provide a dedicated space in Hemato for research papers and reviews that investigate the use of radiolabeled leukocytes (neutrophils, lymphocytes, NL cells, etc.), platelets, and red blood cells in diagnostic procedures. This section also includes manuscripts on radiological (US, CT, MRI) and nuclear medicine (SPECT, PET, probes) as well as diagnostic and therapeutic prospects in the field of hematological diseases. Topics of interests include:

  • Radiological imaging of haematological diseases;
  • Molecular imaging of haematological diseases;
  • PET and SPECT radiopharmaceuticals for labelling blood cells (red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets, dendritic cells, CAR-T cells and others);
  • Target therapy with radionuclides of haematological malignancies;
  • PET and SPECT imaging of haematological diseases;
  • In vivo studies of cell trafficking;
  • Hybrid and multimodality imaging of haematological diseases;
  • In vitro and pre-clinical studies involving radiolabelled blood elements in haematological diseases

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