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Hydrogeology looks at how water interacts with geological systems. By studying water flow, it is possible to quantify the water stored in underground aquifers and surface systems and identify pathways of flow and recharge. Hydrogeology assesses the quality and chemical composition of the surface and ground water. So, it is possible to improve our ability to manage our water resources, help us identify potential sources of contamination, and provide us with potential solutions to water quality problems. Particularly impressive are, in recent years, applications of chemical and isotopic tracers, which can track water movement and quantify water fluxes on the surface and in the subsurface.

Although hydrogeology is a mature science, new discoveries are continually emerging. Hydrogeology is related to climate change, land degradation, and population growth, which create stress on our limited water resources. Many water-related challenges remain; therefore, hydrogeologists continue their scientific quests.

Authors are invited to submit articles to the Hydrogeology section of Geosciences. Since our collective goal is to advance our knowledge of hydrogeology, articles addressing the multiple aspects of hydrogeology are welcomed.

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