Reviewer Board (16)

Members of the reviewer board are selected from all Galaxies reviewers for regularly providing timely high quality reports on submitted manuscripts. Responsibilities of reviewers are available here.

Dr. Ahmadjon Abdujabbarov
Theoretical Astrophysics department, Ulugh Beg Astronomical Institute, Tashkent 100052, Uzbekistan
Interests: General relativity; relativistic astrophysics; field theory
Dr. Pushparaj Adhikari
Department of Physics, Carleton University, Ottawa, ON K1S 5B6, Canada
Interests: dark matter; WIMP; experimental particle physics; Monte-Carlo Simulation; data analysis; detector construction
Prof. Dr. Tao An
Center for Radio Astronomical Research and Technique Innovation, Shanghai Observatory, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shanghai 200030, China
Interests: techniques and methods of radio astronomy; active galactic nucleus (AGN); quasar; transient; very long baseline interferometry (VLBI); square kilometre array (SKA)
Dr. Yi-Fu Cai
Department of Astronomy, School of Physical Sciences, University of Science and Technology of China, Hefei 230026, China
Interests: the nature of the big bang; the origin and future destiny of our universe; how the black holes and the galaxies formed; bouncing cosmology; inflation in string theory; dark energy; cyclic universe; Cosmic String; black hole physics
Dr. Angel Castro
Consorcio de Investigación del Golfo de México, Centro de Investigación Científica y Educación Superior de Ensenada (CICESE), Carr. Tijuana-Ensenada 3918, Ensenda, Mexico
Interests: X-ray binaries; active galactic nuclei; galaxies; astronomical instrumentation; meteorological and oceanographic instrumentation; applied electronics
Dr. Diego Julio Cirilo-Lombardo
1. Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, Bogoliubov Laboratory of Theoretical Physics, Joliot-Curie 6, 141980 Dubna, Russian
2. CONICET, Universidad de Buenos Aires, Instituto de Física del Plasma (INFIP), Buenos Aires 1601, Argentina
Interests: 1 Geometrical and Group Theoretical Methods in Mathematical Physics: Hydrodynamics and MHD in Riemannian and non Riemannian Manifolds; Euler and Navier Stokes equations and topology; conservation laws; integrable and superintegrable systems; variational problems; 2 High energy processes, supersymmetry and extra-dimensions: Microcanonical approach, S-matrix formulation, higher and exotic spins and interactions; 3 Relativity and Gravitation: Supermanifolds and Hamiltonian Formulation, Black-holes physics and Cosmology, MacDowell-Mansouri formulation of gravity, Relativistic Wave equations, Non-linear Electrodynamics; 4 Geometrical and group theoretical methods in condensed matter physics
Prof. Dr. Celia Escamilla-Rivera
Department of Gravitation and Field Theory, Nuclear Institute for Science, National Autonomous University of Mexico, Mexico City 04510, Mexico
Interests: theoretical and observational cosmology, precision cosmology, alternative theories of gravity, dark energy
Dr. Illeana Gomez-Leal
Department of Astronomy, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY 14850, USA
Interests: Planetary atmospheres; habitability; terrestrial planets; exoplanets; Earth-like planets; Climate science; Climate modeling
Dr. Sibasish Laha
1. Center for Space Science and Technology, University of Maryland, Baltimore, MD 21250, USA
2. NASA Goddard Space flight Center, Greenbelt, MD 20771, USA
Interests: active galactic nuclei (AGN)- accretion disk, corona, reflection, Compton hump, Fe line, soft excess; AGN torus, feeding the black hole, clumpy-torus models; AGN feedback: outflows and winds, ionized absorbers, radio jets; black hole galaxy co-evolution; UV, optical, and X-ray observations of AGN
Dr. Guillaume Mahler
Astronomy department, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI 48109, USA
Interests: dark matter; Clusters of Galaxies; gravitational lensing; central galaxies; high-redshifts universe; epoch of reionisation; first stars
Prof. Yi Mao
Department of Astronomy, Tsinghua University, Beijing 100084, China
Interests: cosmic reionization; cosmic dawn; 21-cm cosmology
Dr. Go Ogiya
Waterloo Centre for Astrophysics, Department of Physics & Astronomy, University of Waterloo, Waterloo, ON N2L 3G1, Canada
Interests: Galaxy formation and evolution; dark matter; numerical simulations; black hole merger
Dr. Roberto Oliveri
Central European Institute for Cosmology and Fundamental Physics (CEICO), Institute of Physics of the Czech Academy of Sciences, 100 00 Prague, Czech Republic
Interests: black holes; gravitational waves; asymptotic symmetries; force-free magnetospheres
Dr. Kaustubh Rajwade
Jodrell Bank Centre for Astrophysics, University of Manchester, Manchester M139PL, UK
Interests: neutron stars; Magnetars; fast radio bursts
Prof. José Sánchez-Gallego
Department of Astronomy, University of Washington, Seattle, WA 98195, USA
Interests: galaxies; Star Formation; gas in galaxies; software; data analysis
Prof. Dr. Heng Yu
Department of Astronomy, Beijing Normal University, Beijing 100875, China
Interests: galaxy clusters; galaxies in clusters; hierarchical structures; cosmology
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