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This “Catalysis for Pharmaceuticals” section of the journal Catalysts aims to publish original, novel and high-impact contributions dealing with the use of catalysed processes for the preparation of bioactive molecules and active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs). In fact, catalysis has become gradually more significant in the pharmaceutical industry, as this technology facilitates the development of efficient and environmentally friendly processes. It has to be taken into account that compounds used as APIs are generally complex and multifunctional molecules, whose synthesis usually requires a sequence of several chemical steps; in this scenario, catalysis is pivotal for selectively transforming a functional group of a given molecule into a new one, just to prepare the starting material for the next synthetic step. This is why the inherent benefits of catalysts (chemo-, regio- and/or stereoselectivity) are of primary interest. Remarkably, catalysis is included inside the twelve principles of green chemistry, as long as catalysed transformations reduce the generation of waste and increase the yield of the desired product with a concomitant decrease in reaction time and use of energy. This fact is especially desirable when scaling reactions up to (semi)industrial levels.

The “Catalysis for Pharmaceuticals” section invites submissions of communications, research papers and review articles in subject areas including, but not limited to:

  • Chemical catalysis in the preparation of APIs
  • Organocatalysis
  • Biocatalysis
  • Asymmetrical catalysis
  • Flow catalysis
  • Sustainable processes
  • Design of new catalysts

The open access journal Catalysts, in general, and this section “Catalysis for Pharmaceuticals”, in particular, offers high-quality peer review followed by a rapid publication decision.

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