Drug Discovery and Development

A section of Biomedicines (ISSN 2227-9059).

Section Information

This section publishes reviews and original peer-reviewed papers of a high scientific level covering all aspects of the biomedical use of natural compounds. Papers aim to review or report the discovery of novel natural compounds, novel medical or health uses of existing natural compounds, bioactivities of natural compounds, pharmaceutical and nutraceutical formulation of natural compounds, new technology for natural compound extraction and purification, pharmacology of natural compounds, combination therapy with natural compounds as supplements, and any new frontiers of natural compound research. Topics include, but are not limited to: in vivo/in vitro bioactivity research, chemical identification and characterization of bioactive natural compounds, clinical study of natural compounds, pharmaceutical formulation of natural compounds (including nano-formulation and prodrug formulation), targeted combination therapies (i.e., synergy between natural compounds and standard chemotherapy), preclinical and clinical pharmacology, synthesis (chemical synthesis and biosynthesis) and modification of natural compounds, and advanced extraction and purification technology to improve yield, purity, and bioactivity.

Papers Published

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