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1–4 August 2024 The 1st International Conference on AI Sensors and The 10th International Symposium on Sensor Science


We are pleased to announce the 1st International Conference on AI Sensors and the 10th International Symposium on Sensor Science, held at the National University of Singapore, Singapore, from 1 to 4 August 2024.

This conference will provide leading scientists working in this field with a platform to share their latest research and engage in exciting discussions.

Conference Chairs
Prof. Chengkuo Lee, National University of Singapore;
Prof. Guangya Zhou, National University of Singapore;
Prof. Po-Liang Liu, National Chung-Hsing University.

The main topics of the conference include:

AIS Symposia
S1: Wearable AI Sensors
S2: Energy Harvesting Technology for Self-Sustained AIoT System
S3: Enabling Technologies for Neuromorphic Computing and Photonics Neural Networks S4: Haptic Technology for Future Metaverse Applications
S5: Advances in Intelligent Sensors and Robots for AI-Enhanced Applications - Industry 5.0, Digital Twin, Smart Homes, Healthcare, and Rehabilitation

I3S Workshops
W1: MEMS, NEMS and Edge Applications
W2: Sensors Using Metamaterials and Nanophotonics
W3: Sensors and IC Sensors Using CMOS MEMS and CMOS Compatible Materials
W4: Si Photonics for Sensing and Edge Computing
W5: Advanced Semiconductors and Heterogeneous Integration for Sensing Systems and Applications in 6G (e.g., compound semiconductors, 2D materials, chiplet, and system-in-package, etc.)
W6: Sensors, Implanted Energy Harvesters and Devices, and In-body IoT Technology for Prosthesis and Electroceuticals
W7: Sensors for Agriculture Applications and Harsh Environment
W8: Biosensors and Chemosensors
W9: Flexible, Stretchable and Wearable Sensors
W10: Self-Powered Sensors and Sensing Systems
W11: IoT Sensors and System Integration
W12: Advances in Sensor Applications
W13: MicroTAS and Lab-on-a-chip
W14: Industry Forum and Commercialization of Sensors and AI-Enabled Service

Important Dates
Deadline for abstract submission: 15 April 2024
Notification of acceptance: 3 May 2024

Guide for Authors
To submit your abstract, please click on the following link:

Registration information is coming soon.
Refer to the “Instructions for Authors” section for details regarding Abstract Submission and Publication Opportunities.

Submit your abstract here!
Register to the conference here!

For any inquiries regarding the event, please contact [email protected].

Follow the conversation on Twitter with #AIS-I3S2024.

We look forward to seeing you at the AIS-I3S 2024.

16–18 October 2024 The 1st International Online Conference on Bioengineering


We cordially invite you to attend this event organized by MDPI’s Bioengineering (ISSN 2306-5354, Impact Factor 4.6). It will take place virtually on 16–18 October 2024, online.

Conference Chair
Prof. Dr. Anthony Guiseppi-Elie
Founding Editor-in-Chief, Bioengineering, Founding Dean of Engineering, Anderson University SC, President and Sr. Fellow, AIIMSEI

Topics of Interest:
A. Biomedical Biomaterials
B. Biomechanics and Sports Medicine
C. Regenerative and Tissue Engineering
D. Nano-Biotechnology
E. Biosignal Processing
F. Biochemical Engineering

Important Dates
Abstract Submission Deadline: 17th June 2024
Abstract Acceptance Notification: 17th July 2024
Registration Deadline: 10th October 2024

Guide for Authors
To submit your abstract, please click on the following link:
To register for the event, please click on the following link:
For details regarding Abstract Submission, Poster and Slide Submission, and Publication Opportunities, you may refer to the “Instructions for Authors” section:

For any enquiries regarding the event, please contact: [email protected]

We look forward to seeing you at the 1st International Online Conference on Bioengineering.

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Upcoming Partner Conferences (1)

15–16 October 2024 The 2nd Biomechanics in Sport and Ageing Symposium: Artificial Intelligence

Budapest, Hungary

Welcome to the 2nd Biomechanics in Sport and Ageing Symposium: Artificial Intelligence, organised by the Hungarian University of Sports Science and the Department of Kinesiology, Budapest, Hungary, 15–16 October 2024!

This symposium aims to provide a scientific platform for a state-of-the-art update on the progress of artificial intelligence, or AI, in sport biomechanics and ageing. Artificial intelligence relies on computers to execute commands that have historically required human intelligence. Now, we have apps that offer talking digital assistant services, respond to voice and text requests, answer questions, write poetry, generate images, draft emails, analyse personal photos, set a timer, or place a phone call. Indeed, as we can surmise from Turing’s seminal paper, AI creates computational units that mimic human intelligence and abilities, such as language, communication, comprehension of concepts, automated thinking, (machine) learning, computer vision, and movements via robotics (1). As a subset of AI, supervised or unsupervised machine learning, i.e., the science of coding computers to learn and behave as humans do, allows us to discern patterns and structure in data. Deep learning optimises supervised learning and trains models to learn how to map an input to an expected output (2). All of these are currently occurring at a breakneck pace, and as a result, “global governance is needed, otherwise the risk is social collapse”, opines Paolo Benanti, a Vatican and Italian government advisor on AI ethics.

The tools of AI are also becoming ubiquitous in sport biomechanics and ageing research. Sport and ageing might appear unrelated, yet we consider sport and ageing complementary, assessment and training methods developed in sport science are transformed into diagnosing and treating ageing-related impairments. Along the spectrum from low to high levels of physical and cognitive function, this symposium highlights how AI is leveraged to assess and increase top performance, predict motor and cognitive function, and ultimately deliver improved care for individuals from all walks of life, including athletes and seniors (3).

Accordingly, the lead keynote will introduce AI, and the following two keynotes will provide a state-of-the-art overview of AI in sport and ageing. From 6 countries, 12 invited area-expert speakers will provide (big) data-based examples of how AI is used in sport and ageing concerning body structure and exercise prescription; motor-cognitive function; injury and disease; and performance assessment and predictions in a workshop format.

Welcome to Budapest! Network, learn, and enjoy the symposium!

Sincerely yours,
Prof. Dr. Tamás Sterbenz, PhD, Rector and Patron of the symposium
Prof. Dr. h. c. Tibor Hortobágyi, PhD, Chair of the scientific committee
Mr. Dániel Mezei and Ms. Eszter Kerekes, Chairs of the organising committee

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