Atmosphere Events

16–20 October 2018 AGU | CAS Joint Meeting

Xi’an, China

The AGU JING (Joint International Network in Geoscience) meeting (AJM2018) on atmospheric PM2.5 will be held 16 – 20 October 2018 in Xi’an, China. The meeting will consist of a series of plenary sessions, regular sessions, and poster sessions. By attending this conference you will be able to present your work, discuss new discoveries and problems, exchange views and develop plans for the future of PM2.5 and related science and technology. The objective of the meeting is to advance the state of sciences on PM2.5 as well as increase public awareness and knowledge about its diverse applications to important societal issues on the environment, health, energy, materials and other facets of our life.

Major topics will include:

  • Fundamentals PM2.5 physics and chemistry
  • instrumentation
  • PM2.5 and climate change
  • PM2.5 remote sensing techniques
  • PM2.5 metrology
  • Asian haze and dust storm
  • Atmospheric Brown Clouds
  • Bio-PM2.5, biodefense, inactivation of bioagents
  • Indoor pollution control
  • Health and environment related PM2.5
  • Medical and pharmaceutical applications
  • Nanomaterial synthesis
  • Nanoparticle and nano technology
  • Urban air pollution and source apportionment
  • And PM2.5 related topics

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