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12–16 June 2023 International Conference on Developments in Language Theory 2023 and WORDS 2023

Umeå, Sweden

The 27th International Conference on Developments in Language Theory (DLT 2023) is an event organized to bring together members of the academic, research, and industrial communities who have an interest in formal languages, automata theory, and related areas.

The 14th International Conference on Words (WORDS 2023) is a biannual international conference devoted to combinatorics on words (sequences of symbols) and their links to algorithms, algebra, dynamics, and number theory, as well as their applications. Submissions from all of these areas are welcome provided that they mention words or sequences of finite or infinite alphabets.

This year, DLT 2023 and WORDS 2023 are going to be organised in conjunction in Umeå, Sweden. during 12–16th of June.

3–6 July 2023 The Workshop on Mathematical Methods for Image Processing and Understanding

Athens, Greece

The workshop is focused on the analysis of mathematical methods to solve theoretical and computational problems typical of image processing and understanding. 

Themes and topics of the workshop:

  • Theoretical and numerical approximation for image processing
  • Filter theory
  • Space color definition
  • Regularization techniques
  • MAP estimation for image processing
  • Image reconstruction
  • Image enhancement
  • Image rescaling
  • Image segmentation
  • Image registration
  • Image clustering
  • Image compactification
  • Image demosaicing 
  • Medical imaging
  • Digital tomography
  • Mathematical methods for virtual document restoration
  • Pattern recognition
  • Stereoscopic and optical flow estimation.

Moreover, applications of digital image processing in different fields will also be considered.

14–18 July 2023 The Fourteenth International Conference on Swarm Intelligence (ICSI'2023)

Shenzhen, China


Final Deadline for Paper Submission: March 17, 2023 (Fixed)
(Submission Website:


Due to the delayed opening of many universities and colleges this year and as requested by many colleagues and potential authors, the Organizing Committee of ICSI'2023 has agreed to postpone the submission deadline to March 17, 2023 (Fixed). Although the reviewing process of the submitted papers has been started, we will still accept late submissions, but submissions after this fixed deadline (March 17, 2023) will not be included in the conference proceedings.

The Fourteenth International Conference on Swarm Intelligence (ICSI'2023) serves as one of most important Swarm Intelligence Forum worldwide for researchers and practitioners to exchange latest advantages in theories, technologies, and applications of swarm intelligence and related areas. The ICSI'2023 is the fourteenth annual event in this high-reputation ICSI series after thirteen successful previous events. Papers presented at the ICSI'2023 will be published by Springer-Nature in Lecture Notes in Computer Science (indexed by EI Compendex, ISTP, DBLP, SCOPUS, Web of Science ISI Thomson, etc.), some high-quality papers will be selected for SCI-indexed Transaction and Journals (including IEEE Trans, IASEI Trans. Swarm Intelligence, IJSIR, Swarm and Evolutionary Optimization, International Journal of Intelligent System, MDPI-Entropy/Electronics/Algorithms, Frontier in Neuroscience, Springer-Nature (SN) Computer Science, etc.). The conference is sponsored and co-sponsored by International Association of Swarm and Evolutionary Intelligences, Harbin University of Technology (Shenzhen), Peking University, Southern University of Science and Technology, etc. Moreover, it is technically co-sponsored/supported by IEEE Computational Intelligence Society, IEEE Beijing Chapter, World Federation of Soft Computing, International Neural Network Society, Springer-Verlag, etc. (more to be added).

The approved special sessions are listed below.

Special Session 1: Machine Learning and Swarm Intelligence in Resource Allocation and Industrial Applications (Chairs: Ben Niu, Tianwei Zhou, Jing Liu)
Special Session 2: Latest Advance in Fireworks Algorithm and Its Applications (Chairs: Shaoqiu Zheng, Junqi Zhang, Ying Tan)
Special Session 3: Cooperative Decision and Control of Swarm Intelligence (Chairs: Jiwei Zhang, Lukun Wang, Ziyu Jia, Feifei Kou)
Special Session 4: Large-scale Global Optimization and Applications (Chairs: Peilan Xu, Wenjing Hong, Houjun Liang, Wenjian Luo)
Special Session 5: Biologically inspired Swarm Intelligence for Robotics and Mechatronics (Chairs: Chaomin Luo, Gene Eu Jan)
Special Session 6: Swarm Intelligence in Dynamic Optimization (Chairs: Xin Lin, Chenyang Bu, Tao Zhu, Wenjian Luo)
Special Session 7: Intelligent Decision Making in Real Life Applications Using Nature Inspired Optimization Techniques (Chairs: Vanita Garg, Kusum Deep, Andries P. Engelbrecht)
Special Session 8: Natural-inspired Adaptive Optimization Algorithms: New Theory, New Local Structures, New Evolutionary Strategies, and New Applications (Chairs: Jia Guo, Yuji Sato, Zhiwei Ye, Yun Bai)

ICSI-OC'2023: Competition on Single-Objective Bounded Optimization Problems. 

Again, we welcome you and your team members and colleagues to submit your latest proposals to ICSI'2023!

ICSI'2023 Secretariat
Email: [email protected]

4–8 September 2023 2nd Edition of the Biophotonics & Artificial Intelligence School

Florence, Italy

Biophotonics has applications ranging from the detection of chemical and biological molecules and microorganisms to biomedical imaging, thus generating informative data of high complexity. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a disruptive technology with applications that now pervade every field of knowledge.

Paradigms such as machine learning, deep learning and reinforcement learning are able not only to find hidden patterns in complex data, but also to inspire new theoretical and experimental interpretations.

The school was established with the aim of exploring the crossroads between these two disciplines, with the goal of creating a training path for the development of AI applications in the field of biophotonics.

17–20 September 2023 18th Conference on Computer Science and Intelligence Systems FedCSIS 2023 (IEEE #57573)

Warsaw, Poland

FedCSIS is an annual international conference, which has been organized jointly by the Polish Information Processing Society (PTI), IEEE Poland Section Computer Society Chapter and Department of Mathematics and Information Sciences, Warsaw University of Technology in 2023. It is technically sponsored by a number of IEEE units and other professional organizations (for the full list, see the conference site). The mission of the FedCSIS Conference Series is to provide a highly acclaimed forum in computer science and intelligence systems. We invite researchers from around the world to contribute their research results and participate in Technical Sessions, focused on their scientific and professional interests in computer science and intelligence systems.

➢ Tracks and Sessions

The following Tracks and Technical Sessions are confirmed to take place during the FedCSIS 2023 conference:

Track 1: Advanced Artificial Intelligence in Applications (18th Symposium AAIA 2023)

  • AI in Agriculture (1st Workshop AgriAI 2023)
  • Challenges for Natural Language Processing (1st Symposium CNLPS?3)
  • Distributed Edge AI Risks and Challenges (1st Workshop DE-AI 2023)
  • Rough Sets: Theory and Applications (5th International Symposium RSTA 2023)
  • Computational Optimization (16th Workshop WCO 2023)

Track 2: Computer Science & Systems (CSS 2023)

  • Computer Aspects of Numerical Algorithms (16th Workshop CANA 2023)
  • Multimedia Applications and Processing (16th International Symposium MMAP 2023)
  • Scalable Computing (13th Workshop WSC 2023)

Track 3: Network Systems and Applications (NSA 2023)

  • Complex Networks—Theory and Application (2ndWorkshop CN‑TA'23)
  • Internet of Things—Enablers, Challenges and Applications (7thWorkshop IoT‑ECAW 2023)
  • Cyber Security, Privacy and Trust (4thInternational Forum NEMESIS 2023)

Track 4: Information Technology for Business and Society (ITBS 2023)

  • International Workshop on AI in Digital Humanities, Computational Social Sciences and Economics Research (1st Workshop AI‑HuSo 2023)
  • Data Science in Health, Ecology and Commerce (5th Workshop DSH 2023)
  • Information Systems Management (18th Conference ISM 2023)
  • Knowledge Acquisition and Management (29th Conference KAM 2023)
  • Meta Environment for Citizens, Business and Entertainment (1st Conference MECBE 2023)

Track 5: Software, System and Service Engineering (S3E 2023)

  • Cyber–Physical Systems (10th Workshop IWCPS‑10)
  • Practical Aspects of and Solutions for Software Engineering (24th Conference KKIO 2023)
  • Software Engineering (43rd IEEE Workshop SEW‑43)
  • Advances in Programming Languages (8th Workshop WAPL 2023)

Recent Advances in Information Technology (8th Symposium DS‑RAIT 2023)

➢ Contact

Email: [email protected]

For more details, please refer to:

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