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Peer-Review Record

Deterioration of Cough, Respiratory, and Vocal Cord Functions in Patients with Multiple System Atrophy

Neurol. Int. 2023, 15(4), 1227-1237;
by Takashi Asakawa 1,2, Mieko Ogino 3, Naomi Tominaga 3, Naoto Ozaki 4, Jin Kubo 5 and Wataru Kakuda 5,*
Reviewer 1:
Reviewer 2: Anonymous
Neurol. Int. 2023, 15(4), 1227-1237;
Submission received: 9 September 2023 / Revised: 24 September 2023 / Accepted: 28 September 2023 / Published: 2 October 2023

Round 1

Reviewer 1 Report

1)The paper includes some inappropriate wording (eg, “There have no reports showing …” should read “No reports have shown.”)  “There “ statements should be avoided anyway, as should be “It” statements (eg, “It is important.”) . This is particularly important when such statements contribute to “passive voice.”

2) People first language is preferable (eg, “Patients with MSA” rather than “MSA patients.”

3) Nowadays, “participant” is generally preferred to “subject.”

4) Redundancy is present in information in the text, tables, and figures.

5) Column 1 of Table 4 needs a heading.

6) Was a sample size/power analysis conducted.

7) References are presented inconsistently (eg, capitalization of article titles.)

See above

Author Response

Please see  the attachment.

Author Response File: Author Response.docx

Reviewer 2 Report

This is a very novel and interesting article on MSA, which is an under-researched condition. It is well written, just needing some minor corrections to grammar and written expression throughout. and the changes recommended below:


1. DISCUSSION - this is too long and needs to be reduced in length by 25 percent.

2. In the discussion, please refer to some of the PSP and PD findings that might be applicable, citing refs since 2018.

3. The body weight kg looks really low in the table - one of the groups is under 50kg - is this a mistake? If not please comment in the results why so low.

4. Please remove all of the sentences that repeatedly say that this is a novel topic.

5. Please revise the following sentence for clarity: "It has been said that the ADL ability of the patients with MSA becomes bedridden 7 years after the onset ".

6. In the Discussion please add a larger section explaining all of the limitations of this small scale trial.

7. Please re-search PuBMed and update the reference list to include a greater number of articles published in the last 3 years

8. Please remove or edit the conclusion so it doesn't repeat what was said earlier.

9. Please remove the first sentence of the Abstract

needs optimisation 

Author Response

Please see the attachment.

Author Response File: Author Response.docx

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