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It was really nice for me to work with MDPI staff to develop and promote a Special Issue for one of its journals. The whole experience was really fascinating and [...] Read more.

The reviewing process is very easy and assures the quality of the published papers. As a professor, with other lectures, projects, students and research activities, being Guest Editor of a [...] Read more.

My Special Issue experience with MDPI was excellent, partly due to the precious help of the editorial staff, partly because COVID-19 allowed me more time to sit before my PC, [...] Read more.

My Special Issue experience with MDPI has been very satisfactory. It was friendly, rewarding and challenging. I feel we have added knowledge to this field. [...] Read more.

I had an excellent experience. All papers were subjected to external, independent peer review. The comments received were of very good quality. All my suggestions were duly followed by the [...] Read more.

The collaboration with the MDPI Editorial Office, and especially, with the managing editor, was excellent, from the setting up of the S.I., the collection of the papers and review process [...] Read more.

The editor was very easy to work with, offering support and answers to all questions. Despite the difficulties that arose in the process of preparing articles, the staff provided comprehensive [...] Read more.

The submission/reviewing/acceptance or nonacceptance is clear, rapid, and efficient. The papers submitted to Special Issues represent significant contributions in the area. [...] Read more.

My participation as a Guest Editor allowed me to gain experience with Special Issues with MDPI, such as the selection of appropriate scientific topics, and gave me the opportunity to [...] Read more.

My experience as a guest editor was very helpful in various ways:
- To know and understand how the process of editing really is since you receive a manuscript after [...] Read more.

I am very grateful to MDPI for the invitation to be the Guest Editor of this Special Issue of Energies. It was an important recognition and a good opportunity [...] Read more.

This is my first time guest editing. Many times, researchers have a lot of experimental work, and it is impossible to dedicate the right attention for editing a book. I [...] Read more.

I consider my experience as a guest editor at MDPI very positive. The dynamism of the editorial team has a differential, considering my collaborations on other platforms. In addition, the [...] Read more.

It was very nice to serve as guest editor. I learned a lot of things related to publication procedure and professional knowledge. The managing editor was very helpful. Thanks to [...] Read more.

Publishing in Horticulturae is a fast way to boost your scientific confidence. The rapid response of editors, rapid review process and publication process made publishing papers in Horticulturae a happy [...] Read more.

The work presented some challenges with respect to its technological focus, including that of several reviewers. In engaging with Indigenous issues and mapping, the contextual framework is considerably different from [...] Read more.

I think that it was a good experience, with excellent staff. The only point is that there are a lot of proposals for Special Issues from many journals and everyone [...] Read more.

Given the opportunity to guest edit SIs in Nanomaterials has enabled me to crystallise my genuine view (since 2000) that nanoscale effects have to be better understood with time for [...] Read more.

It was a great experience. I kept in contact with many colleagues in other countries, creating a network for future collaborations. Also, serving this SI allowed me to read novel [...] Read more.

It was my honor and great pleasure to be the guest Editor of the Special Issue of Nutrients entitled “Dietary Habits, Beneficial Exercise, and Chronic Diseases: Latest Advances and Prospects”. [...] Read more.

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