Reviewer Board (42)

Members of the reviewer board are selected from all JSAN reviewers for regularly providing timely high quality reports on submitted manuscripts. Responsibilities of reviewers are available here.

Dr. Ado Adamou Abba Ari
LI-PaRAD Laboratory, Université Paris-Saclay, Versailles Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines University, 45 Avenue des États-Unis, 78000 Versailles, France
Interests: wireless network; Artificial Intelligence; intelligent transportation networks; Cloud Computing
Dr. Tanveer Ahmad
Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Auckland University of Technology, Auckland 1010, New Zealand
Interests: sensor network; antenna design; Internet of Things; Industrial IoT applications; wban
Dr. Kriti Bhargava
School of Computing, Electronics and Mathematics, Coventry University, Coventry CV1 5FB, UK
Interests: Fog Computing; edge mining; wireless sensor networks; Smart Agriculture; humanitarian energy
Dr. Kamanashis Biswas
Australian Catholic University, Fitzroy, Australia
Interests: WSN; wban; Security; privacy; Routing; blockchain; e-Healthcare; smart health
Dr. Marek Bolanowski
Department of Complex Systems, Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Rzeszow University of Technology, 35-959 Rzeszów, Poland
Interests: design and maintenance of computer systems and networks; automation of the IT systems management process; anomaly detection; industry 4.0; internet of everything; Cybersecurity; modeling of complex communication systems; sdn networks; IT project management; PoC systems
Dr. Miroslav Bures
Department of Computer Science, FEE, Czech Technical University in Prague, Prague, Czech Republic
Interests: Internet of Things; sensor networks; Industrial IoT applications; quality assurance; model-based testing; Testing and Verifications; reliability; Mission-critical IoT systems
Dr. Miriam A. Carlos-Mancilla
Research Center, Innovation and Technological development (CIIDETEC-UVM for the abbreviation in Spanish), Universidad del Valle de México, Tlaquepaque, Jalisco 45601, Mexico
Interests: Internet of Things; wireless sensor networks; fault tolerance and reconfiguration in WSN; smart cities; Distributed Systems
Dr. Gianni Cerro
Department of Medicine and Health Sciences, University of Molise, Italy
Interests: cognitive radio systems; magnetic localization systems; sensor systems for environmental monitoring; telecommunication networks measurements; Radio Frequency Electromagnetic Fields' emissions assessment
Prof. Dr. Abdellah Chehri
Department of Applied Sciences, The University of Quebec in Chicoutimi, Chicoutimi, QC G7H 2B1, Canada
Interests: big data and predictive analytics; Internet of Things; smart and sustainable cities; wireless sensor networks for e-society; power line communication; smart grid
Dr. Eugen COCA
Stefan cel Mare University of Suceava, Romania 13, Universitatii Street, 720229, Suceava
Interests: IoT,; renewable energy; LoRa; electromagnetic compatibility; data transmission; radio; electromagnetic field; lpwan; Wireless; RSSI; localization; wireless sensor node; Wireless Sensor Network; simulation
Dr. Luca Davoli
Department of Engineering and Architecture, University of Parma, 43124 Parma, Italy
Interests: internet of things (iot); Networks; Security; Cloud Computing; software-defined networking (sdn); Network Function Virtualisation (NFV)
Dr. Atis Elsts
Institute of Electronics and Computer Science (EDI), Dzerbenes str. 14, LV-1006 Riga , Latvia
Interests: Internet of Things; Wireless; network protocols; tsch; wearables; activity detection; 6tisch
Dr. Spilios Giannoulis
Department of Information technology, University of Gent, 9000 Gent, Belgium
Interests: wireless ad hoc networks; IoT; reconfigurable and adaptive networks; Cyber-Physical Systems; mac protocols; routing protocols
Dr. Isaías González Pérez
Department of Electrical Engineering, Electronics and Automation, University of Extremadura, Avenida de Elvas, s/n, Badajoz 06006, Spain
Interests: industry 4.0; engineering education; Automation; control; smart grids; supervision; technology innovation; virtual and remote laboratories; renewable energies
Dr. Dimosthenis Ioannidis
Information Technologies Institute, Centre of Research & Technology - Hellas, 57001, Thessaloniki, Greece
Interests: computer vision; Internet of Things & amp; people; biometrics (gait and activity-related recognition); 3-D data processing; federated learning; visual analytics; distributed ledger frameworks; Human Behavior Analysis; smart grid optimization and control; energy efficiency in buildings; micro-grids power management; Semantics & interoperability
Dr. Katerina Kabassi
Department of Environment, Ionian University, Corfu, Greece
Interests: software engineering; user modelling; human-computer interaction
Dr. Dionisis Kandris
Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, University of West Attica, Ancient Olive Grove Campus, 250 Thivon Avenue, Athens, GR-12244, Greece
Interests: algorithmic study of wireless sensor networks in terms of routing protocols for energy efficiency; congestion control; coverage optimization, and multi-objective optimization; Internet of Things; industrial control systems
Dr. Panagiotis A. Karkazis
Department of Informatics and Computer Engineering, University of West Attica, Greece
Interests: embedded systems; wireless sensor networks; Internet of Things; Cloud Computing; SDN/NFV networks
Dr. Dimitrios Kateris
Institute for Bio-Economy and Agri-Technology (iBO), Centre for Research & Technology Hellas (CERTH), Thessaloniki, Greece
Interests: agri-robotics; digital agriculture, agricultural engineering, Decision Support Systems (DSS), operations management, agricultural automations, information systems, machine learning
Dr. Iztok Kramberger
Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, University of Maribor, 2000 Maribor, Slovenia
Interests: sensors; Actuators; embedded systems; space technology; brain-computer interfaces; field programmable logic devices; Internet of Things; embedded AI; wired and wireless network technologies; measurement techniques; electronic systems; semiconductors and electronic components
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