JSAN 2018 Travel Awards

Application deadline (expired): 31 January 2018
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Dear Colleagues,

We are pleased to announce the winners of the JSAN Travel Awards 2018 : Ms. Shuaibing Lu, a visiting PhD student at the Department of Computer and Information Sciences, Temple University, Philadelphia, PA, USA; and Mr. Jorge Maestre Vidal, a PhD Student in the GASS Research Group at Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Madrid, Spain who is also a member of the research group GASS (http://gass.ucm.es), in the Department of Software Engineering and Artificial Intelligence (DISIA) of the Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering.

Ms. Shuaibing Lu's current research topic is data center networks, especially the virtualization area, high performance computing, and resource allocation. She plans to attend the IEEE International Conference on Communications (ICC 2018, Kansas City, MO, USA, http://icc2018.ieee-icc.org/) to present her paper “Maximum Elastic Scheduling of Virtual Machines for Cloud-Based Data Center Networks”.

Mr. Jorge Maestre Vidal’s main research interests are artificial intelligence, pattern recognition and information security. He plans to attend the 13th International Conference on Availability, Reliability and Security (ARES 2018), which will be held from August 27–30, 2018 at the University of Hamburg, Germany (https://www.ares-conference.eu). He will present research related to the mitigation of economic denial of sustainability (EDoS) attacks on 5G environments.

The awards consisted of 800 Swiss Francs each for them to attend the conferences in 2018.
Prof. Dr. Dharma P. Agrawal

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