JDB 2017 Travel Award

Application deadline (expired): 30 September 2016
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As Editor-in-Chief of Journal of Developmental Biology (JDB), it is my pleasure to announce that the winner of the 2017 JDB Travel Award is Thorsten Boroviak, Ph.D. Thorsten is a postdoctoral researcher in Prof. Austin Smith and Dr. Jennifer Nichols’ laboratories at the University of Cambridge, UK. On behalf of JDB, Dr. Boroviak will be supported with 800 Swiss Francs towards travel expenses to attend the 18th International Congress of Developmental Biology meeting in 2017.
Dr. Boroviak’s current research focuses on mammalian preimplantation development and hypoblast specification. He and his colleagues utilize a cross-species analysis approach to determine fundamental conserved features of pluripotency within mammals and identify species-specific regulatory features of lineage segregation in vivo. Dr. Boroviak has already co-authored eight publications of which five are as first author, many in high profile journals (such as Developmental Cell, Nature Cell Biology). He has also already been the recipient of numerous awards.
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