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Portuguese Association of Forensic Sciences (APCF)

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The Portuguese Association of Forensic Sciences (APCF), founded in January 2015, is the lead Scientific Society of Forensic Sciences in Portugal.

According to APCF articles, membership extends to all national and international professionals, scientists, university lecturers, students, and scientists in the field of Forensic and Criminal Sciences. The APCF aims to (a) promote, develop, and disseminate scientific research in the Forensic and Criminal Sciences; (b) promote Graduate, Master, and Doctoral students in Forensic Sciences; (c) cement the importance of Forensic and Criminal Sciences at the national and international levels; (d) represent its associates before the competent authorities, in the regulation of their professional activity; (e) represent its associates in the defense of their statutory, social, economic, and deontological interests; (f) actively participate in the definition of the professional statutes and conditions for the exercise of Forensic and Criminal activity, encouraging and disseminating forensic expertise, as well as the role that students in the field might play on other professional sectors; (g) integrate study commissions for governmental regulation to highlight the importance of the class; (h) issue expert opinions when required; and (i) promote scientific, pedagogical, and expert collaboration with both public and private institutions.

For the pursuit of its objectives, the APCF (a) designs and develops scientific projects, alone or in conjunction with other institutions; (b) organizes congresses, seminars, and other similar activities for the dissemination of knowledge; (c) publishes scientific research focused on Forensic Sciences; (d) provides forensic expertise and consultancy upon request; and (e) grants scientific prizes to distinguish outstanding scientific research in Forensic Sciences.

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