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This section of Diseases (ISSN 2079-9721) is specifically designed to encompass and foster an interdisciplinary area of basic, translational and clinical research in the cardiovascular system. We welcome articles integrating fields of basic cardiovascular science and clinical cardiology, with an emphasis on research that yields fundamental mechanistic insights of cardiovascular disease and cardiovascular translational research.

This Cardiology section offers an open forum to present either innovative investigations or new insights into cardiovascular disease’s open questions, eventually leading to significant contributions in the understanding of key and emerging cardiovascular disease mechanisms from either basic or translational research.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • prevention and screening
  • cardiovascular biochemistry
  • cardiovascular biophysics
  • cellular cardiovascular biology
  • molecular cardiovascular biology
  • cardiovascular genetics
  • cardiovascular pathology
  • cardiovascular physiology
  • cardiovascular pharmacology and clinical pharmacology
  • translational research
  • clinical trials
  • personalized medicine
  • pharmacogenetics

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Following topical collection within this section is currently open for submissions:

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