Spectroscopy and Imaging in Condensed Matter

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Spectroscopy and Imaging (S&I) are the main avenues to investigate condensed matter, thanks to their ability to spectrally and spatially resolve molecular properties. Although the capability of a prism to separate light and the magnifying properties of glass have been known since the Roman era, modern spectroscopy and imaging began in the 17th century with systematic observations of the solar spectrum and the appearance of the first compound microscopes.

A wide arsenal of related techniques has been continuously developed over the years, in parallel with the discovery and ability to manipulate different probes (electromagnetic radiation, electrons, neutrons, etc.). In particular, with the discovery of the laser and its recent extensions to UV and X-ray range, the scientific community has developed numerous fields of research based on these bright, coherent light sources. These include time-resolved, non-linear spectroscopies and coherent imaging.

The scope of the section “Spectroscopy and Imaging in Condensed Matter” aims to cover significant advances in the broad field of condensed matter (including surfaces and interfaces, soft matter, liquids and amorphous solids, nanostructures, magnetism, optical and quantum materials, semiconductors, and strongly correlated systems), whereby S&I plays a key role. Developments of novel S&I methods, enabling new science in the condensed matter field, will also be considered.

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