1–7 November 2020, Laboratori Nazionali di Frascati INFN, Frascati, Italy
High Precision X-ray Measurements 2020

High Precision X-ray Measurements 2020 conference is the second edition of the HPXM2018 workshop, held at the INFN Laboratories of Frascati in 2018. In the wake of the big success of the previous edition, HPXM2020 is planned both to consolidate the existing interconnections between different research teams and to help creating new ones, creating the opportunity for all the participants to discuss and share the results of their activities focusing on a common protagonist: X-ray precision detection.

The aim of this workshop is to update the participants on the most recent developments in X-ray detection and their possible impacts in various sectors like, nuclear physics, quantum physics studies, XRF, XES, EXAFS, PIXE, plasma emission spectroscopy, monochromators, synchrotron radiation, telescopes and space engineering, medical applications, food and beverage quality control and elemental mapping.

In the HPXM2020 edition, also the topics of radioprotection and X-ray tracing simulations will be covered with dedicated sessions. A special focusing will also devoted to graphite mosaic crystals and their applications.

The scientific program consists of invited lectures from distinguished scientists, oral presentations given by the participants technical presentations given by the sponsors, which will be also present for the whole conference duration with fixed stands to show their latest products.

Main Topics:

X-ray energy detectors

X-ray position detectors


X-ray tracing simulations


X-ray optics

Graphite based applications

X-ray imaging

Cultural heritage applications of X-rays

X-rays in astrophysisc

Medical applications

X-rays in nuclear physics

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