13–15 June 2024, Rome, Italy
Roma Pain Days 2024—HYBRID CONGRESS

Congress Center Roma Eventi—Fontana di Trevi (Piazza della Pilotta, 4)
Chairman: Prof. Giustino Varrassi

Keynote Speakers: Dr. Alon Eli, Dr. Amorizzo Ezio, Dr. Aurilio Caterina, Dr. Coaccioli Stefano, Dr. Colini Baldeschi Gianni, Dr. Coppola Gianluca, Dr. De Negri Pasquale, Dr. Dickenson Anthony, Dr. Ergönenç Tolga, Dr. Farì Giacomo, Dr. Finco Gabriele, Dr. Fornasari Diego, Dr. Geppetti Pierangelo, Dr. Gharibo Christopher, etc. (visit for the full list of faculty members and the scientific program).

Roma Pain Days 2024 is a three-day conference dedicated to discussing new scientific advancements in pain medicine. Sessions held by scientific personalities highly recognized at the international level for the impact of their research will discuss many different topics, such as acute pain, chronic pain, fibromyalgia, interventional management of pain, neuropathic pain, pain and immunology, pain in palliative care, pharmacological management of pain, rheumatologic pain, side effects of pain management, and ultrasound support in interventional pain management. As in previous editions of the conference, in 2024, the congress will be hybrid, to guarantee the possibility of professional growth for colleagues who do not have the opportunity to join the in-person event in Roma.

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