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Aerospace—An Open Access Journal

School of Engineering, University of Glasgow, James Watt Building South, University Avenue, Glasgow G12 8QQ, Scotland, UK
Aerospace 2014, 1(3), 97;
Received: 12 November 2014 / Accepted: 12 November 2014 / Published: 13 November 2014
Welcome to Aerospace, an open journal covering aerospace science, engineering and technology. We seek to publish theoretical, fundamental, and applied results linked to potential applications related to research, design, manufacture, operations, control and maintenance of aircraft and spacecraft. A full description of the journal scope can be found on the journal website [1].
The scope covers an active and growing field, driven by a need for faster, cheaper, greener, more efficient technologies. By making the content widely available in open access form, it will be able to have the maximum benefit not just within the academic community but also for commercial enterprises. Advances in the field can also impact multidisciplinary fields, including efforts to reduce harmful emissions, materials science, and manufacturing.
We invite you to read the published papers and consider submitting your next paper to Aerospace.

Conflicts of Interest

The author declares no conflict of interest.


  1. Aerospace Website. Available online: (accessed on 12 November 2014).
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