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Peer-Review Record

Quarkonium Production in the QGP

Universe 2019, 5(5), 117;
by Alexander Rothkopf
Reviewer 1: Anonymous
Reviewer 2: Anonymous
Reviewer 3: Anonymous
Universe 2019, 5(5), 117;
Submission received: 17 April 2019 / Revised: 13 May 2019 / Accepted: 14 May 2019 / Published: 16 May 2019
(This article belongs to the Special Issue The Zimányi School and Analytic Hydrodynamics in High Energy Physics)

Round  1

Reviewer 1 Report

The author makes a nice review of our current knowledge of quarkonium in a quark-gluon plasma, with a focus on lattice QCD results. The scientific content is sound and I think the manuscript has enough quality to be published. However, I have found some typos and small issues:

-In Eq. (1) it would be more natural to write W(t,r) on the LHS of the definition side. Moreover, to be consistent with what is explained in the following paragraph, it would be better if the time ordering sign appears explicitly in the correlator.

-In the caption of fig. 1. "y-driection"

-In line 117, "obatined".

-In line 151, "yeilds"

-Above eq. (7), \bar{q} needs to be \bar{Q}

Author Response

I would like to thank the referee for preparing his/her report and for catching several typos, which have been corrected in the updated manuscript.

Regarding the first item mentioned, I now indicate in (1) that the Wilson loop is a path ordered correlation function. As it represents a non-local observable its forward path is time ordered and opposite for its backward path.

Reviewer 2 Report

The article reviews in a compact, but complete way the most recent progress
on quarkonium suppression in heavy-ion collisions from a perspective
that is at the intersection of effective field theory and lattice QCD.
It also addresses the out of equilibrium quarkonium dynamics,
which is a very new and rapidly evolving topic.
The author has contributed significantly to all presented topics.
I consider the paper suitable for publications.

I only would like to suggest to make a last careful reading as I spotted few
typos. For instance, in lines 122 and 127 "right" and "left" should be
exchanged, the caption of figure 2 contains several typos, ...

Author Response

I would like to thank the referee for preparing his/her report and for alerting me to several typos, which have been corrected in the updated manuscript.

Reviewer 3 Report

The paper is a writeup of the Author's talk delivered on the Zimanyi18 workshop. The author reviews milestones from their theoretical research including recent progress, in the field of quarkonium production and survival within the QGP. Equilibrium calculation based on lattice input and the evaluation of the spectral function are presented, as well as more recent results and promising status report of work-in-progress non-equilibrium calculations.

The results are sound and mostly well-documented elsewhere. The paper is well-written, apart from some minor typos and stylistic issues.

After addressing the points listed below I suggest the manuscript for acceptance in the Universe special issue as a Communication paper.

General comments:

- Section titles would be useful. Hard to figure out where the end of the intro is.

- Although the purpose of the paper is to review the Author's and collaborators' research it would be useful to provide a brief survey of other authors' work.

- The same can be said for the experimental side. The only results mentioned is the suppression of excited states seen by CMS. In fact, RHIC has already seen a strong and clear suppression of excited states, eg. Phys.Rev. C94 (2016) no.6,  064904. This should be cited, and preferrably other results as well.

- Some sentences are difficult to follow especially in the intro. An example is in lines 77-79. This one could be broken into two.

- While all previous work is cited appropriately, sometimes it is hard to follow where some statements come from. Eg. it would be good to repeat the reference above Eq. (6) "can be shown" . Another example is Fig2, where it should be mentioned that the left plot is from Ref. [23] and the right one is from Ref. [21].

- Colors are difficult to determine, especially in bw print.

- Question to l21: is, in the Author's opinion, the scenario of late coalescence with the flowing medium completely ruled out by the new ALICE j/psi v2 data?

Figure 2:

- it's hard to tell apart colors especially in bw prints. Eg. Fig2 (left) could be shown with different line styles similarly to how it was shown in Ref. [21] Fig4.

- Fig2 (right) legends are unreadable without extensive zoom

Equation (2): it would be good to visually separate the 1st equation from the "Phi(t,r) is complex" statement

Comments by line no.

3: "psi' / J / psi" > I suggest to change it to "psi' over J/psi" to avoid the abundance of slashes.

8: quarkonium > quarkonia

10: LHC > the LHC

11 LHC run2 > could be specified, or LHC Run-2 data taking period at least

16 see eg. Ref [2].

55 It was shown

71 position of not

84 asymptotes > converges

87 in Ref. [9],

Figure 1 caption: y-direction

140 see Ref. [22].

Figure 2 caption last line: curves

Paragraph at line 171:

- back ward>backward

- with between > between

194 bottomonium

221: looks like a stray half-sentence. shouldn't it go into the "funding" line?

Author Response

I would like to thank the referee for carefully reading the manuscript and preparing his/her report. I have corrected the several typos pointed our in the report (apologies) and have taken most of the recommendations into account with details listed below:

- section titles have been inserted.

- I have added a further references to a work on relativistic charmonium in full QCD from the HotQCD collaboration. In the section on the in-medium potential I have added a reference to competing work by the TUMQCD collaboration.

- I have included the STAR results in the introduction, unfortunately reviewing the multitude of results in an appropriate depth is beyond the scope of the introduction of the proceeding

- sentence has been split

- added references above (6) and in the caption of Fig.2

- I agree that the color and line dashing schemes in Fig.2 can be improved but I would like to ask the referee for leniency in this point, as the effort to redo the included figures would require very large effort.

- What the v2 measurements tell me is that through J/Psi we can only learn about the late stages of the collision. How much the J/Psi yield is to coalescence and how much of this from survival of primordial charmonium is a question that is still unanswered. 

- I have tried to improve the readability of the plots in Fig.2 by increasing the size of the two. 

-I have inserted another space between the Wilson loop e.o.m. and the statement about the function of phi.

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