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Bidirectional Charge- and Traction-System

Continental, Regensburg, Nuremberg, Berlin, Germany
Author to whom correspondence should be addressed.
World Electr. Veh. J. 2016, 8(1), 237-248;
Published: 25 March 2016


The field of fast charging is diverse. Many solutions use dedicated additional costly components for each charging type. To push the E-Mobility market, a new system for charging is proposed comprising of E-Machine, Inverter and Boost DC/DC converter with a minimum of additional components. The new Bidirectional Charge- and Traction-System (BCTS) is capable for traction and all kinds of conductive charging with reduced system costs.
Keywords: inverter; charging; fast charge; AC motor; V2G (vehicle to grid) inverter; charging; fast charge; AC motor; V2G (vehicle to grid)

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Bruell, M.; Brockerhoff, P.; Pfeilschifter, F.; Feustel, H.-P.; Hackmann, W. Bidirectional Charge- and Traction-System. World Electr. Veh. J. 2016, 8, 237-248.

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Bruell M, Brockerhoff P, Pfeilschifter F, Feustel H-P, Hackmann W. Bidirectional Charge- and Traction-System. World Electric Vehicle Journal. 2016; 8(1):237-248.

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Bruell, Martin, Philip Brockerhoff, Franz Pfeilschifter, Hans-Peter Feustel, and Wilhelm Hackmann. 2016. "Bidirectional Charge- and Traction-System" World Electric Vehicle Journal 8, no. 1: 237-248.

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