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Molecules 2007, 12(9), 2160-2160;

Withdrawn Paper: Li, M. D.; Zheng, Y. G.; Ji, M. Synthesis of Gefitinib from Methyl 3-Hydroxy-4-methoxybenzoate. Molecules 2007, 12, 673-678
Received: 8 September 2007 / Published: 10 September 2007
It has been brought to our attention by an alert medicinal chemist from the P. R. China that Scheme 3 and the Experimental section of this paper [1] had been copied from an earlier paper by Gong et al. [2], published in Chinese [3]. In addition, the m.p. of 119-120°C given for the final product Gefitinib (7) was also copied from an earlier publication [4], and later shown to be wrong [5]. The first listed author has subsequently provided us with another different melting point for Gefitinib (212-214°C) and informed us that the correct melting points for the intermediates methyl 5-(3-chloropropoxy)-4-methoxy-2-nitrobenzoate (18) and 6-(3-chloropropoxy)-4-chloro-7-methoxy-quinazoline (21) should be revised to 79-81°C and 128-130°C, respectively. In light of these serious factual errors and the apparent plagiarism, the Editorial Team and the Publisher have determined that the paper should be declared “Withdrawn”. We apologize to our readership for any inconvenience this may cause.
Dr. Derek J. McPhee, Editor-in-Chief, Molecules
Dr. Shu Kun Lin, Publisher, MDPI

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References and Notes

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