2 November 2022
Kidney and Dialysis | Top 5 Most Viewed Papers

1. “Ren.Nu, a Dietary Program for Individuals with Autosomal-Dominant Polycystic Kidney Disease Implementing a Sustainable, Plant-Focused, Kidney-Safe, Ketogenic Approach with Avoidance of Renal Stressors”
by Diana M. Bruen, Jacob J. Kingaard, Meg Munits, Clarissa S. Paimanta, Jacob A. Torres, Jessianna Saville and Thomas Weimbs
Kidney Dial. 2022, 2(2), 183-203;
Available online:

2. “Do Exercise, Physical Activity, Dietetic, or Combined Interventions Improve Body Weight in New Kidney Transplant Recipients? A Narrative Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis”
by Ellen M. Castle, Emily McBride, James Greenwood, Kate Bramham, Joseph Chilcot and Sharlene A. Greenwood
Kidney Dial. 2021, 1(2), 100-120;
Available online:

3. “Patient Activation: The Cornerstone of Effective Self-Management in Chronic Kidney Disease?”
by Courtney J. Lightfoot, Devika Nair, Paul N. Bennett, Alice C. Smith, Anthony D. Griffin, Madeleine Warren and Thomas J. Wilkinson
Kidney Dial. 2022, 2(1), 91-105;
Available online:

4. “Pathophysiology of High Flow Access and Surgical Flow Reduction Procedures”
by Takehisa Nojima and Yasuki Motomiya
Kidney Dial. 2021, 1(1), 36-46;
Available online:

5. “Vascular Access, Complications and Survival in Incident Hemodialysis Patients”
by Massimo Torreggiani, Lucia Bernasconi, Marco Colucci, Simone Accarino, Ettore Pasquinucci, Vittoria Esposito, Giuseppe Sileno and Ciro Esposito
Kidney Dial. 2021, 1(2), 88-99;
Available online:

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