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This section of Diseases (ISSN 2079-9721) is specifically designed to encompass and foster an interdisciplinary area of basic, translational and clinical research on cancer, with a special emphasis on mechanisms underlying development and progression of human tumors.

In the last decades, we have witnessed an alarming occurrence that has led cancer prevalence to rise enormously worldwide: an increasingly high incidence of major human tumors on the one hand, and a steady decline, since the 1990s, of cancer mortality rates, on the other hand. As a consequence, the war on cancer spreads today over an escalating array of battlefields, ranging from primary prevention to cancer treatment and rehabilitation.

Cancer scientists face major challenges today, including:

(a)   life-course approach to primary prevention strategies;
(b)   early diagnosis and screening programs for big killer human tumors (pancreatic, lung, liver, ovarian,   esophageal, bladder and brain cancer);
(c)   recognition of cancer genomes and epigenomes;
(d)   identification of cancer stem cells;
(e)   understanding and definition of signaling pathways implicated in tumor development, invasion and metastasis;
(f)   dissection of tumor macro- and micro-heterogeneity;
(g)   personalized cancer medicine.

In the above framework, this Oncology section offers an open space to present either innovative investigations or new insights into cancer’s open questions, eventually leading to significant contribution(s) in the understanding of key cancer phenomena from either basic or translational research.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • prevention and screening
  • exercise, diet and cancer
  • genetic testing and consulting
  • hereditary cancer syndromes
  • cancer cell biology and behavior
  • cell to cell communication
  • cancer stem cells
  • hormones and cancer
  • cancer genes
  • cancer epigenome
  • cancer invasion and metastasis
  • cancer treatment: chemotherapy and targeted therapies
  • clinical trials
  • complementary and integrative medicine

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