Impact of Light & other Zeitgebers

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Section Information

This Section of the Journal Clocks & Sleep aims to enable publication of high-quality contributions on new aspects of the impact of light on sleep and circadian rhythms across the lifespan, ranging from basic research at the molecular level to clinical and applied applications in the field. We welcome experimental studies with light on sleep-dependent, metabolic, and other physiological, psychological, and mood-dependent functions in animals and humans as well as intervention and therapeutic studies in the laboratory and in the field.

Topics include but are not limited to:  

  • the impact of light on sleep in animals/humans;
  • biological light effects;
  • light therapy in disease;
  • light and photoreceptors;
  • light and circadian entrainment;
  • light and health;
  • light in the hospital/nursing home;
  • light and biodiversity;
  • light at night;
  • light and shift work;
  • light and molecular and cellular mechanisms of disease and immunology;
  • light and genetics;
  • light sensitivity;
  • light responses;
  • light and psychological and physiological functions;
  • light and multidomain approaches;
  • light and public health;
  • methods and standards for light effects.


  • light
  • daylight
  • sleep
  • zeitgeber
  • circadian
  • ipRGC
  • light at night
  • circadian desynchronisation
  • LED
  • screen light
  • SCN
  • personalised
  • inter-individual differences
  • shift work
  • cognitive performance
  • metabolic changes
  • intervention studies
  • EEG
  • slow-wave sleep
  • pupil
  • melatonin
  • PIPR
  • twilight
  • personalised light exposure
  • entrainment
  • synchronisation

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