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Sleep is regulated by both homeostatic and circadian processes and is further modified by societal factors. The section “Clocks & Sleep and Society” focuses on research that advances our understanding of the societal aspects of sleep and its timing. This includes social and demographic disparities in sleep, e.g., gender, sex, age, ethnicity and socioeconomic status; social clocks and social jetlag; cultural differences in sleep practices and patterns; work schedules, particularly shift- and nightwork; and functional outcomes including performance and health.

Topics in the following areas are welcome:

  • Cross-cultural comparisons of sleep and circadian patterns;
  • Developmental changes in sleep and circadian patterns—from infants to older adults;
  • Societal disparities in sleep and circadian patterns;
  • Sleep and the circadian clock in ecological (home) settings;
  • Chronotype, social clocks and social jetlag;
  • Shift- and nightwork, work–life–sleep balance.


  • sleep patterns;
  • circadian patterns;
  • sleep timing; society;
  • culture; population;
  • demographic;
  • disparities;
  • social clocks;
  • social jetlag;
  • shiftwork;
  • nightwork;
  • functioning;
  • performance;
  • health
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