Structural and Earthquake Engineering

A section of CivilEng (ISSN 2673-4109).

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This Section of CivilEng aims to publish research papers that offer significant advancements to our knowledge in the broad field of Structural and Earthquake Engineering. Scientific and technical papers which reflect the evolutionary trends of this engineering branch and offer significant attention to the modeling and understanding of a phenomenon, as well as to new developments or innovative applications, are welcome.

The scope of the Section Structural and Earthquake Engineering encompasses but is not restricted to the following research areas.

Solid mechanics: elasticity, plasticity, viscosity, damage, fracture; mechanics of traditional and innovative materials; computational mechanics

Structural engineering: theory of structures; structural dynamics; structural stability; monitoring, active and passive control of civil constructions; identification and structural diagnosis; wind–, ground–, and fluid–structure interactions; masonry, steel, and concrete constructions; timber engineering; assessment, reliability, and optimization of structures; strengthening and retrofitting of existing structures

Earthquake engineering: dynamic soil–structure interaction; strong-motion studies; earthquake loading foundation design; tectonics and seismology; seismic vibration control; seismic response of buildings and other structures; earthquake protection system; repair and strengthening; tsunamis

Authors are invited to submit their research works to the Section “Structural and Earthquake Engineering”. Articles of interdisciplinary nature, which are very important for the advancement of the research field, are particularly welcome to this section of CivilEng.

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