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Hellenic Society for Microbiology (HMS)

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The Hellenic Society for Microbiology, one of the oldest and most respected scientific Greek medical societies, was founded in 1932 as the Hellenic Microbiological and Hygiene Union. Since 1972, it has appeared as the Hellenic Society for Microbiology (HMS). Its purposes since then have constantly been the promotion of public health strategies for the prevention, diagnosis, and control of diseases, the development of education and research in the field of Medical Biopathology/Laboratory Medicine both in Greece and internationally through synergies with corresponding societies from Greece and several other countries, and the reinforcement of cooperation among Greek Biopathologists. Currently, the HMS has approximately 2.500 members working in the public and private sectors, with expertise in Clinical Microbiology, Laboratory Hematology, Medical Biochemistry, and Immunology.

Since 1956, the HMS has published Acta Microbiologica Hellenica, a quarterly peer-reviewed journal cited in the Scopus database. To achieve its objectives, the HMS, a member of the FEMS, organizes national conferences, workshops, and courses. It also launches international courses in collaboration with the ESCMID and the EUCIC and participates in several international scientific events. For almost a century, the HMS has contributed to managing various public health crises and, through its members, has had a critical role in Greece's response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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