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Improvement of Wildland Fire Management with ArcGIS †

Esri, Redlands, CA 92373, USA
Presented at the Third International Conference on Fire Behavior and Risk, Sardinia, Italy, 3–6 May 2022.
Environ. Sci. Proc. 2022, 17(1), 119;
Published: 1 September 2022
(This article belongs to the Proceedings of The Third International Conference on Fire Behavior and Risk)


The growing frequency of wildland fire events across the globe is creating an ever-increasing strain on communities and the resources which are necessary to manage those events, whether planned or unplanned. ArcGIS can improve situational awareness from the moment of the inception of a wildfire and throughout the response. During prevention and management activities, the ArcGIS mobile applications and web mapping applications have proven invaluable. This presentation will explore cases where ArcGIS maps and apps have aided managers with decision making. The tools also aid in rapidly providing and receiving real-time intelligence to and from field personnel. The cases discussed will be real-life examples and best practices for using this technology for informing stakeholders and citizens.


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Ferner, C. Improvement of Wildland Fire Management with ArcGIS. Environ. Sci. Proc. 2022, 17, 119.

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Ferner C. Improvement of Wildland Fire Management with ArcGIS. Environmental Sciences Proceedings. 2022; 17(1):119.

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Ferner, Christina. 2022. "Improvement of Wildland Fire Management with ArcGIS" Environmental Sciences Proceedings 17, no. 1: 119.

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