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The Chromatin Remodeler LET-418/Mi2 is Required Cell Non-Autonomously for the Post-Embryonic Development of Caenorhabditis elegans
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J. Dev. Biol. 2019, 7(1), 2;

Acknowledgement to Reviewers of Journal of Developmental Biology in 2018
MDPI, St. Alban-Anlage 66, 4052 Basel, Switzerland
Published: 9 January 2019
Rigorous peer-review is the corner-stone of high-quality academic publishing. The editorial team greatly appreciates the reviewers who contributed their knowledge and expertise to the journal’s editorial process over the past 12 months. In 2018, a total of 30 papers were published in the journal, with a median time to first decision of 13 days and a median time to publication of 34.5 days. The editors would like to express their sincere gratitude to the following reviewers for their cooperation and dedication in 2018:
Ahringer, JulieLawrence, Christian
Allen, ClaireLinker, Claudia
Artinger, KristinLiu, Aimin
Askjaer, PeterLiu, Karen
Atukorallaya, DeviLupo, Giuseppe
Baburamani, Ana A.Miller, Galen
Bijlsma, Maarten F.Mishina, Yuji
Blaess, SandraMukhopadhyay, Saikat
Bohnsack, Brenda L.Muñoz-Chápuli, Ramón
Bowling, HeatherMurray, Michael
Candiani, SimonaMuto, Akira
Cao, XinweiNiswander, Lee
Cerveny, KaraNohno, Tsutomu
Chin-Sang, IanOhba, Shinsuke
Clavel, Marie-AnnickPacifici, Maurizio
Cray, James JohnPadian, Kevin
Crompton, TessaPal, Kasturi
De La Cova, ClairePan, Yongchu
De Navascues, JoaquinPeuhu, Emilia
Dettman, RobertPowder, Kara
Ekker, MarcRelaix, Frederic
Fernández, IgnacioRiobo-Del Galdo, Natalia
Fink, Rainer H. A.Rocheleau, Christian E.
Finnell, RichardRöper, Katja
Franz-Odendaal, TamaraRousset, Raphaël
Gantz, StephanieSánchez-Camacho Blázquez, Cristina
Gassmann, RetoSchafer, Bill
Geisbrecht, Erika R.Schneider-Maunoury, Sylvie
Giangrande, AngelaSchwartz, Lawrence M.
Giniger, Edward S.Seeger, Mark
Goyal, YogeshShlizerman, Eli
Grobe, KayShuler, Charles
Großhans, JörgSi, Kausik
Hall, David H.Sripathy, Smitha
Herránz, HéctorSztal, Tamar
Hilgers, ValérieThor, Stefan
Hufnagel, RobertThyme, Summer
Iwata, JunichiTien, Lu-Tai
Johnston, ChristopherVora, Mehul
Kanczler, JanosWang, Bang-An
Kappen, ClaudiaWang, Wen-Der
Kerosuo, LauraWeake, Vikki M.
Khoshmanesh, KhashayarWeatherbee, Scott D.
Korona, DagmaraWolman, Marc A.
Köster, Reinhard W.Yelick, Pamela
Kwan, KristenZaffran, Stéphane
Lacin, Haluk

© 2019 by the author. Licensee MDPI, Basel, Switzerland. This article is an open access article distributed under the terms and conditions of the Creative Commons Attribution (CC BY) license (
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